Monday, March 16, 2009

paper products; tremors

For a spill-prone person like me who is usually pretty conservative with paper towel usage (what a sad sentence that is, but it's true. I even buy those sheets that you can tear in three pieces) there's a comfort that comes from having bought in bulk. I currently have a bounty of Bounty.

A comfort that's off-set by this action:

But lest you are thinking I'm saying I'll just substitute one paper product for another, that's totally not what I'm saying. I'm just pointing out the paper inequity.

Also, unrelated, I seem to have developed a tremor today. My hands are shaking a little. So, that's awesome news. I'm going to assume I just had too much caffeine until something makes me think otherwise.

But on the upside, should the shaking cause me to spill anything, my ass is totally covered. Well, my ass is the one thing that isn't covered, but you know.

Am I belaboring?

Don't answer that.



I'm telling you Alison, you need to start doing STRONG-RANGE TRAINING where you are working with heavy weights in your strongest range.

It will make your muscles a lot stronger and help your brain and the rest of your body deal with stress better and get rid of the tremors.

I know because I had a similar problem to yours in the past with twitchings and little tremors and it didn't go away until I subjected myself to much more stress in the weight room and then everything was fine after that to the present.


Michelle said...

Please take some paper towels, tissues, AND toilet paper to the weight room because that kind of strength training gets messy.

I'd lean more toward herbal remedies--soothing chamomile, lavender, and cannabis.

Christian said...

As for the tremors, thats just stress and caffiene and the thought of all of us commenting on your using Bounty on your butt. Truly a male solution to that problem. Any guy who lived on his own will tell ya thats happened more than once. Bounty, Wendy's napkins, news paper.

I'll stop there. No worries!

Falkenhayn said...

Unlike you Alison I am an excessive user of paper towels. This however has little to do with spillage but rather stems from a childhood incident involving a large oak tree that rudely, even visciously, ejected me from its branches (actually I might have simply fallen but I refuse to take responsibility for events that point to my utter lack of dexterity).

Said incident led to extreme anger issues with the arboreal kind and thus vengeance by the overuse of paper towels, plates, tissue, generally paper in all its forms.

As this is my first comment and having just watched your vlog on being sensitive to funny comments about your television appearances I shall shamelessly flog your ego and tell you, you are the coolest, most attractive woman on Redeye (well, except for Bill, of course).

Prototype 3: Rise of the Machine said...

Do you also tear your toilet paper into 3 pieces as well each time you use it?

That entirely depends on how much coffee you had today, and if you ever noticed a correlation between drinking a lot of coffee before and having this tremor. Let's just hope it's not nerve damage or something! I've never had tremors from having too much caffeine though. There would be days where I'd drink 6 cups of coffee and 5 cups of tea - and a lot of times back-to-back, too! But I still feel normal.

Anonymous said...

"Looks like that toilet paper has been used. But for what ?"

Joe said...

I used to conserve paper products, but not any more. With all the newspapers and magazines going under, we'll soon be overrun with forests. There'll be trees everywhere and no place for houses, schools, playgrounds and fire pits.

We need to use as many paper products as possible, if for no other reason than to save all those logging jobs. Loggers have families too ya know. Don't you folks ever watch Ax Men on the Discovery Channel?

Brett B said...

Your hands shaking sounds like anxiety/stress.