Thursday, March 05, 2009

Myers-Briggs Creepy Index

In social situations you tend to:
a) rock back and forth
b) eat hand
c) pet own face while staring intently at strangers and mouthing "you"

Your friends describe you as
a) mute
b) human-like at times
c) creepy
d) friends?

You get energy from
a) dead animals
b) avoiding people
d) helmets and/or robots

Your first thought in the morning is typically
a) Guess they had the LD50 wrong. AGAIN.
c) Time to wear someone else's skin!
b) I would like to do something weird with pantyhose
d) Same shit, different jail cell

Your binoculars are
a) Something you keep on your bedside table
b) Useful for birding
c) And by birding you mean hiding in bushes and staring at people with binoculars
d) out to get you

After prolonged socializing you feel the need to
a) lick your lips repeatedly
b) pick at your scabs
c) touch yourself in public
d) grow dreadlocks (white people only)

If a candy bar was named after you it would be
a) Baby Ruth Won't Stop Crying!
b) Nuts And Chocolate Minus Chocolate!
c) DSMmmm!
d) Kit Skat


Andrew Ironwood said...

So how does one score this if one's answer to all questions is "e)all of the above"? [grin]...

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Why do I have a feeling that whatever I choose in response to answer those questions, my raw "creep" score will end up being like, Norman Bates no matter what?

In any case, here are my multiple choice answers:

1. ..."eat hand"? - what the fuck? No. e) drink.

2. b) human-like at times (most of the time - machine) and e) homie to the max

3. e) NOS, anti-oxidants, and nucleotides

4. e) "Ahh fuck!"

5. e) Don't own any binoculars. My advanced 20/10 and infrared/thermal vision does the trick.

6. e) Run someone over with an ice cream truck

7. e) "Skeetles - Taste the Clouds"

Brett Jones said...

1. dominate the crowd through various forms menacing behavior or outright violence, until I'm in complete control. Then I turn my minions onto the weakest of the crowd. It's all very, Lord Of The Cocktail Party.

2. they nervously praise me while looking over their shoulders.

3. energy? like health points? are we playing a video game?

4. "Wow! That dream where I was peeing the bed sure was realistic"

5. c, of course.

6. Take a shower. I just feel dirty after my Monday afternoon geriatric swingers party.

7. I'd go with Salty Chocolate Balls, but I'm not black and I think it may be taken.

Scott said...

I think I'm an 'INTJ Mastermind' in the Myers-Brigs Creepy Index.

karpaydm said...

I can only assume that the entire point of this is to weed out the creeps on here so I am not taking the test.

Besides, there was no question about making a house entirely out of other people's toenail clippings, so I would have come up clean. Alison - your room is going to be very special.... I used only female toenails to build it.

Toddrod said...

This blog is a little too close to home for me, so I'm just gonna say, "Happy Friday Everyone!" and get myself a bowl of Cocopuffs.