Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hey nerds!

I mean nerds affectionately, by the way. So does anyone know how to put technorati and digg tags at the bottom of each post so that people can digg and technorati and whatever else I should have them do? Because I'm not sure that Share This button is really achieving the kind of communist ideal of blog sharing that I'm going for. And by that I mean when I write a post I think it should belong to everyone and should be instantly disseminated and loved by all. Like Animal Farm. All blog posts are equal but some are more equal than others. I realize that made no sense.

Anyway, I turn to you guys because I love you and want you to enjoy the fruits of my laziness plus inquisitiveness.

Also I was sick last night so I didn't vlog as I said I would but don't you worry, I'm going to Q&A vlog soon. Probably tonight.


Ryan's #1 Fan said...

I was getting so tired of hitting "Refresh" over and over again on your blog, looking for your vlog (which is just a horrible word to say).

Brett Jones said...

I prefer Geek. And by Geek I'm not talking about the current tech/computer geek, more the circus sideshow Geek. What can I say, I like chicken.

Brett Jones said...

search in gadgets for digg.

there is also this:

Anonymous said...

"This very blog post speaks to me..."


Jesus friggin Christ Alison, just Google your question to get an answer. Its gotta be explained online like 1,000 times on about 1,000 different sites.

Stoked to hear you will be answering some or maybe all of my questions in your next Q&A vlog. Stoked might be a bit of a strong word.

Still looking forward to it.

Toddrod said...

Did you ever get an answer to your question, Alison? It seems like you didn't because it doesn't appear anyone tried to answer it here. I also noticed that there is yet to be any Digg or that Technorati thing symbols placement at the bottom of each blog. Since you have not yet gotten the answer you needed, does this mean we are not nerds? Wait, I see now that Brett Jones tried to answer. Is he the only nerd? Thanks!


WFG said...

I experimented some, and I think I could have the place you need to put it, or at least the general area, in order to get it to appear after the comments hyperlink

Test this first in another, private blog, or open if you want.

Search for span class='post-comment-link'

Then place the digg code somewhere within that piece of code, or just after the closing span tag, between it and when backlinks begins.

WFG said...

It also seems to work if you put it before the quick edit pencil code. You can see how it looks if you click over to my blog and scroll to the bottom of the post.