Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Deep Thought Time!

Ok, which is worse: When your brain makes a decision and your emotions lag behind? Or when your emotions make a decision and your brain lags behind?


Cobber said...

With me at least intuitive decisions seem to have a higher degree of success than emotional decisions.

coaster1robert said...

when your emotions make a decision and your brain lags behind? Robert

Rob said...

Depends on the decision. If you are buying a car then the later is worse .. If you are choosing a date then the former is worse.

Joe said...

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy:

"The trouble with most paintings of nudes is that there isn't enough nudity. It's usually just one woman lying there, and you're looking around going, 'Aren't there any more nudes?'"

"We used to laugh at Grandpa when he'd head off to go fishing. But we wouldn't be laughing that evening when he'd come back home with some whore he picked up in town."

Toddrod said...

I'm a man, I make all of my decisions with my emotions, and then use my logic to justify those decisions after I've already put things into motion with the emotional decision.

For example, recently I purchased a Playstation 3 video game console. I didn't really need this, but I decided that my purchase was justified because I really wanted to buy the Madden 09 football game, and also I could use bluray to watch video movies. I use my PS3 daily, and I felt the purchase was great. However, my boss is upset with me cuz I have holes in my jeans. I'll buy some new jeans next month. What if I lose weight?!?

Toddrod the Meringue

Brett Jones said...

I'm with Toddrod.

This weekend I'll be buying and moving into the shop 3000lbs of milling machine.

Am I a machinist you ask? No, no I'm not.

When asked why I need this type of stuff my std. answers include the words "making stuff" and "fixing stuff" and "making stuff better". Mostly I make big pieces of metal into smaller pieces of metal, but they're super shiny and a different shape when I'm done.


Brain lagging is always worse.


Wait a sec.....what did I just say?


WFG said...

This might not have much to do with the post, but, well, I already started on it, so I might as well submit it.

The veracity of conclusions can often be more immediately supported by emotional agreement among people than any logical premise made for them, and the predicate for a premise is often emotional in birth.

Civil rights would be an example.

We oppose violations of them because we feel empathy for those who've been violated, imagining ourselves or loved ones in like situations. The conclusion of the inappropriateness of violating the rights of others doesn't often need to be argued to people with shared principles. But as there exists other interests which have been used to rationalize such violations, the merits of those interests must necessarily be contested. The purpose of the logical premise, or at least the attempt at it, is not then to convince some people of the moral inappropriateness of violating a given civil right, but that the violation is real and not in their interest to ignore or defend, even under circumstances which might seem to justify either. We, however, usually don't need self-persuading arguments for the conclusions we espouse, for they are often the same as the predicates for the arguments we make from them, and both are more than enough validated to us by the weight of our emotional empathies.

Lady Melchior said...

I think brain lagging is worse...

(am I like the only girl besides Alison with any thoughts on this?)

Toddrod said...

Wow Lady Melchior! If you keep posting here on AMR's blog, you will soon become her favorite follower. I am so jealous, prematurely!

Toddrod the jealous Meringue