Sunday, March 15, 2009

Care to hear about my weird dream?

Care to hear about my weird dream? I think you would. So I get into an elevator on my way to a job interview/going away party for a magazine. This guy Marc, who is someone I know in real life, is in the elevator and his pants are around his ankles and he's smirking at me, but not in a menacing creepy way, more like he's making fun of me. At that point I notice that it feels kind of breezy and I look down and my pants are also around my ankles. I make some hasty remark and pull that shit up. Then we get out and the editor in chief of the magazine walks by me and says hi and then the editor in chief, another version of the same woman but this one is pregnant walks by and gives me the cold shoulder. I stand there wondering who that first version was. Then a bunch of people are clustered around a room which, in the dream, is this woman Sid's (again this person exists in real life) room and the walls are gold and the furniture is white. This will be my office or something, or it'll be a lot of people's offices, hence we're all looking at it. I'm noticing the way Sid has mounted shelves going up the walls. I comment that it looks like a childhood bedroom. That's all I remember although I know there was much more to the dream.

It probably means I'm going to win the lottery, right?

Also, I think I've mentioned on here that a literary agent once told me that people's dreams are only interesting to them. Clearly she hadn't heard any of my dreams because I bet you can't put this blog down! I bet you are rapt. I bet you are slack jawed and drooling, waiting for what comes next. I bet you are putty in my hands. I bet you are wrapped around my finger. I bet you are googling dream meanings right now. I bet you are swarthy yet smell like rain. You don't? Ok, never mind.


WFG said...

Oh, others' dreams are interesting, and I'll take a bit of time to interpet yours, and it will all be my own bs. Maybe not original, but I promise to not search dream dictionaries.

WFG said...

This is a dream about insecurity (more specifically, a concern you have over being unprepared, unready for the obligations ahead) and uncertainty.

Mark, like you, appears to be in the same situation, but unworried, more confident in his ability to compensate for supposed short comings, unless you were pantless first but didn't know it (which suggests there was an actual reality and timeline to your dreams; trippy).

The two versions of your editor-in-chief represent two often competing female interests, that of independence and advancement vs. that of maternal instinct.

In both cases, the character is essentially maternal, and represent two ways in which you think your mother would approve, or disapprove, of the direction your life is going. They are your self doubt in a form analogous to a mother figure.

I'm not sure about your reaction to Sid's room. I suspect you were mocking it as a means of both competing with her, and perhaps more.

Anyway, sorry it's not complete.

Have a good day.

Prototype 3: Rise of the Machine said...

As soon as I read "pants are around his ankles" I thought it was gonna be bad, but then you pulled yours up.

Even in your dream you notice furnitures...

I always have strange dreams, but as of late, I've just been having way too many. Even when I take 2 hour naps, I still see strange shit. Just 2 days ago, I took a 2 hour nap and saw myself in a bar sitting by myself, then my homie comes walking in, with a poodle under one arm, and a 2-foot salami under the other, and came up to my table, sat down right across from me, looked at me, didn't say a word, foamed at the mouth, and just tipped over onto the ground. Then I woke up.

But don't you notice that in every dream, there is no resolution? And also, in those where you feel like you are gonna die because someone is trying to kill you, right before you get shot or shanked, you always wake up? You never die in your own dreams.

karpaydm said...

I wont try to analyze your dream (or use apostrophes). But when your pants were around your ankles and you said you looked down to "pull that shit up", I hope you were talking about your pants. Nothing worse than the female wizard sleeve. Though they have surgeries for that. Labotomy or labiaplasty or something like that. I get them mixed up. Either one would make you care less about being exposed.


Your BFF Ted said...

Could you describe the elevator scene in more detail please!

I think we should have our favorite sexpert Anna David analyze this dream! I think Anna will be able to confirm that this dream means you were thinking about one of your bloggers! Which one, I'm not sure...let's see if Anna can reveal "The Secret!"

Your BFF Ted said...

Either Todd won a bunch of money in Vegas and is never returning to blog again or he got arrested at a brothel!

Any bets on which one occurred!?!?!?!

Trapp said...

Perhaps you're struggling with your decision to pursue a career, rather than start a family.

Marc represents opportunities passed by, and the two Sids are really the two yous. The golden office, a room that might have been a nursery.

Now don't you feel better?

Not to worry. You're a young woman with plenty of time for all these things.

Trapp said...

Of course, I should add that these things can also be a box, inside a box, inside a box.

Even if the images do represent the career/motherhood thing, that may represent something else, like a more general life struggle. Making decisions on your path, career choices, feeling a little homesick, wishing that you had learned to play the sousaphone.

In any event, your brain is doing a fine job of sorting this out for you while you sleep. The human mind is an incredible thing.

Brett B said...

Freud would have a field day with this one.

Joe said...

Only in a dream can a guy with his pants down around his ankles and a smirk on his face NOT seem creepy.

In high school I always had dreams about not being fully dressed, usually missing a shoe or my shirt. I don't ever remember not having my pants on or pulled down - darn it.

For many years my older sister had a terrible recurring nightmare where her house was on fire and she was running around trying to get her kids out. It eventually went away. That's not something you want to have.

Brett B said...

I remember having to take a course that incorporated dream interpretation... in college.

Things to think about in the dream. What direction were you going in the elevator? Up or down? Going up could signify advancement... or the pursuit thereof.

The fact that you're partially nude...or bottomless...and you experience shame, etc. could signify you're trying to hide who you really are. The fact that Marc doesn't pull up his pants... and is smirking could signify he's comfortable being who he is.

Pregnancy could be a sign of rebirth... are you thinking about taking a new job? The color white is a sign of purity but also as a "new beginning" or "reawakening." The color gold... "richness" or "reward." The bookshelf represents knowledge... it could signify the need for you obtain some type of knowledge that you're lacking...for some type of job you're interested in.

There ya go... take it with a grain of salt.

Your BFF Ted said...


Why is every freakin person who comes on this blog..."college educated" but me! Is that a requirement somewhere Ro Ro!?!?!

4th grade baby...that's right 4th! I'm a modern day "Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing!"

Any who...interesting analysis Brett! I'm going to be watching what direction my elevator is going tonight! What if it goes sideways or diagonal like in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? I won't even ask what Slugworth represents!

Brett B said...

Hey Ted... if you dream about a train traveling through a tunnel... I'll help ya analyze it from a Freudian view. XD


Your BFF Ted said...

Brett, unfortunately, no trains or tunnels...I'm sorry! I hope you still read the textbook chapters on the following details of my please:

I was wearing a train conductors uniform (strangely) and sure enough I was in the Chocolate factory...surrounded by my little Oompa Loompa friends....I was directed to that elevator (you know, the elevator)...ALL guests were clothed but wearing "Free Toddrod" buttons...the elevator did go diagonal and stopped at a nicely decorated room with a banner that said "RosenFan Club Luncheon"....I know I was like WTF..right? Who would have thought Alison would hold it there! The applause was tremendous as I entered the room!

Okay, research and get back to me!


Trapp said...

In my dream, I am brought before a tribunal. Sitting high on a mountaintop are Ted, Joe, and Todd. They read the charges:

"You stink. There is nothing that can be done. We defer to the Queen bees for judgment."

Suddenly emerging from a sea of meringues, are Alison and Anna. (I'll leave what they're wearing up to you, you horny bastards!)

A light shines forth from the heavens, as they look down at me. In their faces, I sense not so much disapproval, as say, boredom.

Anna: His problem is sexual
Alison: His problem is he's not very bright
Anna: His problem is he's annoying
Alison: Agreed

I am placed in an elevator, which begins to go UP-DOWN-UP-DOWN at an incredible speed, bouncing me repeated from the ceiling to the floor.

It comes to a stop and I am temporarily relieved, when suddenly, puppies and kittens begin dropping in through the air vents. I can't breathe. I'm being smothered in puppies and kittens.

I awaken in a cold sweat, screaming.

Your BFF Ted said...

LMFAO! Trapp that was the funniest freakin post that I've read in a long time....fuck (sorry my incarcerated meringue friend) my duck fart joke...I submit that that as the comment of the week!

As a Veteran Tribunal member, I'm allowing you access to the inner circle! Prototype as well!

You've done well young I will order my puppies and kittens into the elevator!

Trapp said...

You're the best, Ted. Thanks.

PixiesShmixies said...

last week i dreamt that i was hanging out at Eminem's place. he was under house arrest so he had an anklet on and we were playing soccer with a rolled up white tube sock. also he had mini Reese's peanut butter cups everywhere...does this mean i'm gay?