Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brain socks

Could I be any less focused right now? No. I'm trying to write this thing that's due and instead I feel like my brain is stuffed with old socks. In fact, I wonder if it IS stuffed with old socks which would explain why I can't ever find socks when I need them and why I've taken to no longer caring if my socks match. In fact, I think it's time the world de-embraces matching socks as a goal and yes, I know de-embrace isn't a word. I remember telling a coworker some time ago that a guy had seen my mis-matching socks (that whole thing sounds euphemistic, right? but it's not) and this was back in the days when only laundry emergencies would lead to mismatching socks, not my general disregard for doing what society tells me to do vis a vis socks (I'm kind of a sock rebel, you see) and anyway, she said, "Well I bet he just thinks you're the cutest thing ever." She had a British accent, too, so it was really convincing. Then she spoon fed me some applesauce and patted me on my helmet.

What was the point of this? Oh yes, there's socks in my brain. And thoughts on my feet.

It's all very upside down.

I also have a headache in my brain so technically my brain is filled with socks and stress. What are stress provoking socks? Some kind of super tight athletic socks? Just thinking about it seems to be making it worse which means I think I've located the specific sock which is causing the grief.

Also, there is a curious bruise on my hand and I remember yelling ouch at some point but can't really remember much more than that, which is a good feeling.

Must think good socks!


Trapp said...

Ooo! First in line?

I hope that we can help to clear your brain. If Toddrod were here, he'd think of something!

I guess that's why you're the professional writer. I'd be turning in an essay on socks tomorrow.


HAHA!! Check out the sock ad at the bottom of the comments! Freakin hi-larious!

"Socks in brain and thoughts on my feet" sounds like a good title for a book or at least an article.

Have you tried taking some Tylenol PM and eating a crown or two of broccoli?

Tylenol PM and broccoli seem to cure me of all head-oriented ills.

Maybe you ate a bad bell pepper earlier.

Or it could be cancer.

Whichever it is, hope you get well soon Rose :)


Your BFF Ted said...

Only AMR could title a post "Brain socks!"

Focus girl...we need you to bring home the keeps this blog thingy running!

Todd.....come back to us Todd! Why did you find it necessary to enter that brothel!?!?!?! Damn Vegas...damn that city to hell!

Anonymous said...

Re. to funny Sock Story:

"The last funny sock story I heard was when someone told me how ironic it was for Curt Shilling to have bled in his sock in the World Series considering he plays for the Red Sox. Since then I haven't heard one as amusing...."

Joe said...

Here's an exclusive photo of Alison's brain socks!

The one on the left is named Ted and the other one is named Todd. You have Ted and Todd in your brain, Miss R - no wonder you can't think clearly!

But the good news is that a little fresh air will get rid of these unusual creatures. A quick 20 minute walk around your Brooklyn neighborhood should do the trick.

Your BFF Ted said...

It's obvious from that photo that she wears the blue pair more often!

Nice one Joe!

Breannaaa said...

Welcome to my world. Except, instead of socks it's underwear. Size xxs though.

Joe said...

I like the "Angelina Jolie" lips on the red sock.


That must be why I'm having trouble focusing on work today.

Toddrod said...

Do you think that Breannaaaa was kinda showing off a little, talking about her underwear being a size xxs? Or just talking matter of factual? My underwear size is XXL, but I only think about it when I look in the mirror in the morning, or during/immediately afte work outs!