Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wherein Alison talks too much about bras!


Dan said...

Did you forget your "cake-eating scrunchie", too? I have some conditional clothes too, like my "Thinking bondage" and my "Dubious about my sexuality birkenstocks".

Christian said...

I often have to slip into my "Watching Football and Drinking beer" pants because, as you know, its not as much fun without that comfort.

But, the whole "bra" thing again makes me glad to be mail. Yet something else I do not have to worry about. And what would a "vlog bra" do for you anyway? Lift, seprate, edit?

warren the (cut off jeans jacket with a leather undern look..circa "river's edge")Turd said...

o.k. when it get's to the point you have to worry about how "old" something makes you look ...You are probably old....just saying
So at that point you should just wear what you like...I love members only jackets and jordash jeans my self..

Toddrod said...

Methinks Alison became a little flustered when she suddenly imagined her nearly 100 followers suddenly trying to glimpse at her chest, after she talked about wearing the wrong bra.

Also, did you two say, "writting pants?" or "riding pants?"


warren the turd said...

what really sucks is that i made a reference to cut off denim jacket over a leather jacket circa "the rivers edge" comment and with my luck it got CUT OFF

Trapp said...

What about the cake????

Did you have cake????

What about the damn cake!!!!!!

Anna just wrote a novel.

Thanks, ladies. Now I'm going to be awake all night trying not to think about Alison's bra. Cruel and unusual punishment. But an awesome vlog.

KurtisAlen said...

I tend to wear a comfortable robe when writing my blog. But when it comes to watching your vlog I think that is best.