Monday, February 23, 2009

What Is Rosenating?

I've told you guys about how my California friends coined the term "Rosenating," right? Today I met up with my old friend Rob and I grilled him about said coinage. Then I really put the screws to him about the aforementioned term. Then I interrogated him about the word he made up. Then I gave him the third degree about the thing I referred to. Then I read him the riot act about that whatzit I mentioned. Then I shook him down about the doodad we've been talking about. And then I deftly culled from him the 411 on the you know what, that, well, you know.


Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Yeah, I remember you mentioned this as one of your '25 things' list.

I always thought the term was derived from "resonate," which in turn is derived from "resonance" - which is a physics term and concept. This word also makes sense though as it relates to your overthinking. Look up the term and you'll know what I mean. But thanks for the official definition of "Rosenating."

Coincidentally, I believe I have the same problem that you have in overthinking things. It happens when you're alone a lot of times and have nothing else to do but just that. So believe me when I tell you that we're actually on the same boat. And I'm sure you would agree that this overthinking is probably the primary reason that keeps you up at night and thus depriving you of sleep. I blame this particular habit for giving me insomnia over the past 5 years.

Joe said...

Did you just vlog with two different guys? That's called a vloge à trois. Shame on you Alison!

Shame on you for not inviting me, I mean.

Toddrod said...

I like Rob's hat. Is he from California? He must be, cuz he looks cool.


Ted, White and Blue said...

Is that Dustin with 5 o'clock shadow, glasses and a hat!?!!?!?