Saturday, February 07, 2009

Q&A vlog (wherein I reveal beauty secrets)

"three-peat" was the word I was thinking of.


Anonymous said...

@craigblanton asks ...How big is your apartment?

Anonymous said...

My beauty tips:

Shave your body hair

Wipe that yellow substance off your eyes

CLean yout ears

Lift weights

Cut down on Vienna Sausaes. INcrease Spam intake.

USe baby oil to moisten your head.

Tweez your eyebrows

Pinch your blackhairs. Or is it called whiteheads ?

Brett Jones said...

Was the hash tag helpful?

Prototype said...
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eric got bored and didnt watch the end (dont hate me) said...

for a second there, you're totally Winehouse. No, in a good way (if that's possible anymore)

Toddrod said...

Yeah, did the tags help Alison? Good question Brett