Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Q&A vlog (in two parts!)

Part 1

But wait, there's also...

Part 2


Brett Jones said...

In my head I see Alison dressed like Tom Cruze in Risky Business, singing the Elmer Fudd part ("Kiww the wabbit! Kiww the wabbit! Kiww the wabbit!") of the classic 1957 Bug Bunny animated short, What's Opera, Doc?

Kurtis said...

You could Emily Daschenel to play your ugly sister. Not saying your real sister is ugly, but for vlog purposes only. I hope that came out write, there are reasons I withhold most of my vlog comments.

Scott said...

I love that hat--you look GREAT in that color!!

That's the hat and color I was talking about when asked blog reader to help pick a new couch color for you. What ever happened with that? Did you reorder the couch or are you sticking with the one you already had?

Anyway, speaking of Couches...

Since we're all interested in seeing you advance your career and/or marrying you--I had a great idea for a show (starring you of course).

It would be called:


It would be loosely based on the 'Rock of Love' and 'Flavor of Love' premise...

You would take 15 or 20 of your devotees from your Blog and have us all compete each week on a nationally syndicated cable show for your love and/or a chance to further our careers in reality television.

The smitten fans would do various competitions each week and have well lit and videotaped private romantic interludes with you and then and at the end of each episode you'd have to eliminate one of two potential suitors.

In a suspense filled finally each week you would send one heart broken guy home and let another keep his hopes alive for at least another week by giving him a couch swatch.

This show writes itself. :)

Prototype said...

Driving while the other girls were running the 2 miles and pulling up to barf…that was a good one.

For the short amount of time that I’ve gotten to know you, I knew your hair was important to you, but now I finally realize EXACTLY how important it is to you, as you pointed out in these video clips, wearing the hat (even though we wouldn’t really care and still like you just as much regardless), and with the story you just told regarding tennis and going to class. By the way, that hat is a good look for you. I remember that hat back when you and Anna were in the backseat of that cab on the way home from…a party was it? And Bill Schulz was riding shotgun. Anyway, that’s beside the point. It makes you look…snow bunny-esque.

Oh yeah, and pardon me for having 20/10 vision and noticing every little detail every single time (I can almost see within the infrared spectrum, but I’m still working on that right now and training my eyes), but I’d like to compliment you on your…application of lip gloss/lipstick today, as it made your lips shiny and…red.

I’d also like to thank you for blowing a kiss, and winking. And we also got something new today at the 3 minute mark in the second video clip. Is there anything you do that you CAN’T make look good?

Christian said...

Thanks for using my question about which Redeye guest you didn't get along with. It made my day, as most of it was spent working in Wal-mart and trying to not commit bodily harm on others.

But truly, you didn't feel slighted when Greg forgot your name that time? Even a bit?

Oh, and whats up with their new set? I know the other is getting ready for HD (Bill in HD...the horror...the horror...), but where are they? Hannity's basement?

Great hat. Much better than Anna's.

Trapp said...

Oh, on the contrary, Christian. If you're referring to that wacky hat that Anna was wearing in the earlier vlogs, I must disagree! Alison looks great in her hat, but Anna's hat rules!

I like Scott's reality tv idea. I hereby volunteer to make myself the worst date ever, (which will take very little, to no acting on my part,) and to be both the first one kicked off the show, and to end my reality tv career for good and all.

It's the least that I can do for the betterment of humanity.

Christian said...

Ah Trapp, I see you fell for the cunning plan that Anna's hat laid out. Don't you see its just luring you in with its promises of awesomeness, only to trap you with its Elmer Fuddishness. Resist!

Trapp said...


That's great! We managed to bring Elmer Fudd into this post again.

Ted from Accounting said...

Two questions:

Where's Anna?

Were you advertising for a surrogate father in that clip?