Saturday, February 14, 2009

Old radio interviews with Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black

In honor of turning over a new leaf and focusing on the future, I decided to repost some interviews from three or four years ago. Two years ago? I forget when these were. Mostly I did this because I realized I could grab the code and put them here and that they weren't stuck, like pubic hairs in amber, on my fossilized MySpace page. Jesus Christ, what kind of MySpace page do I have anyway? That is the appropriate question. Anyway, I can't actually bear to listen to these, but maybe you can. They were the first radio interviews I'd ever conducted, by the way, so be gentle!


Prototype said...

Or...could there be something else more to it?

Brett Jones said...

"Jesus Christ, what kind of MySpace page do I have anyway?"

A formerly sexually active pre-histortic one that left a trail of pubs all over the place?

One that didn't groom?

One that did groom and used amber in it's soft, sticky, pliable state to wax it's problem areas?

Brett Jones said...

I'm totally into the slow sultry Ali Ro radio voice.

Ted from Accounting said...

I listened to these a long time ago...they were funny! Happy Valentines Day Ro Ro!

Trapp said...

I'm listening to these as I have time.

In the first one, it's cool hearing about his experience with the cast of the Carol Burnett Show, including Tim Conway, and the late, great Harvey Korman.

Mike Chimeri said...

I'm the same way, Alison. I can't bear to listen to most of *my* interviews at WCWP, especially the early ones. I was so unpolished and amateur. But then again, I can be hard on myself.