Thursday, February 26, 2009

My affection for you

OK so it was brought up in the comments that you guys professed your love for me and then I turned around and called you my "internet bunions" which must have felt like being slapped with a thousand tiny gloves and also, it should be pointed out, "internet bunions" was suggested by Ted who has strong feelings about how we all should be addressed. I was happy to go on calling you corn nuts and enchiladas and various other snack food items.

But, you see, I think you guys heard me wrong. What I really called you was my "internet bunnies." Not sticking? Then perhaps what you heard was?

internet buddies
internet bundt cakes
internet buddyroos
internet buns (?)

I could go on. Except I actually can't think of anything else. So in this case, I can't go on.


Brett Jones said...

I prefer to be addressed by my full named and hereditary title.

Joe said...

There you go listening to Ted again. I thought I told you while we were soaking in the hot tub last weekend that you need to take everything he says with a grain of salt.

But we know "bunions" is just one of those affectionate pet names that people call each other - like wart, rash, melanoma, dermatofibromas, lymphangitis, pemphigus vulgaris, keratoacanthomas, cutaneous myiasis, molluscum contagiosum and ringworm.

Who among us hasn't used some of those names during a moment of passion?

Steve Spagnuolo said...

When you say Bunions, I thought you meant
Al Bundy Shoe-salesmen or Ted Bundy the perverted killer.

Trapp said...

I for one, am delighted to be an internet bundt cake.

By the way, I had noted Alison's comment of professional dissatisfaction in twitter, and then saw that tomorrow's Red-eye has mysteriously disappeared from the things to watch list.

If this means what I think it does, while I am a Rosen internet bundt cake, I may indeed become a Redeye internet Bundy! (Either Bundy works.)

David B said...

Al, I was going to let you know you could call me anything you want but then remembered some of your past posts. Your fingers type worst things then a drunk sailor would say in an SE Asian brothel. Considering this, bunion is just fine, or in necessary, David works too :)

Ted, White and Blue said...

FYI - IMO - "Internet Bunions" is better than me calling them "Blog Things" like I usually do!

Although I'm turned on by you calling us Mexican food names, can you possibly switch it up to Chinese food, such little "won tons" "pot stickers" "egg rolls"

First it was Mexico and now hot tub sex! Say it aint so Joe!