Sunday, February 15, 2009

Movie Reviews of Movies We Haven't Seen: Synecdoche, New York

Having now seen the movie I must admit the knickers, like the performances, were spot on. (note: no knickers)


Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Hi Alison!

Your voice sounds different in this vlog. Nice...beehive earrings. Are you wearing that huge coat again?

Quite a tongue-twister that word, huh?

warren the turd said...

I'll give that a 2 thumbs in my ears.I was thinking today about a
bit that your "followers" could use
entitled.."comments of blog/vlogs we haven't seen" I think most would go like this..from: "No ass"..that was great!! from: "big ass"..that was great ..will you marry me. From:underdevloped final produck..."we're special"..
From:"indyjohenstown".."come drink coolaid with me in the warm breeze my little gimlet girl"...

I guess i'll stop there before I incriminate myself.

Steve Spagnuolo said...

How can it be a "WE" when it's just "YOU" ? Anyways, who wants to watch the SPIRIT AWARDS with me ?(AWARDS given to cheap movies. Cheap in a non-offensive way [giggle sounds].)

Joe said...

Not only is that a movie I've never seen, it's a movie I've never heard of. Thank you Alison for expanding my universe!

I give this review 3 and a half stars rather than 4, but only because it didn't have any profanity. All reviews are better when they have a little profanity.

I have to go now... Nina wants me to draw her bath before we begin our first day exploring Saint-Tropez. Did I mention that's on the French Riviera? That's where I'm typing this from - the French Riviera. Not to be confused with Geraldo Rivera, who I don't think has ever been to the French Riviera, where I am now.

Dan said...

In honor of the title of the movie: Nice video, you lovely piece of flesh.

Ted, White and Blue said...

Can you review Forrest Gump?