Saturday, February 07, 2009

More Things He's Just Not That Into

Euphemisms (he's a straight shooter)
Units of measurement (he prefers to shoot from the hip)
Yucaipa, California
Yosemite, pronounced wrong
Ujubes which are boxes of Jujubes but the J is torn off
Huge things pronounced in that way that some people pronounce it where the H is a Y and you're like "why are you saying that?"
Eunice Mary Kennedy Shriver, a member of the Kennedy family who helped found the Special Olympics
Unique baubles (he prefers his baubles to be commonplace, bordering on mundane)
Yule Brenner
Yule logs (he's Jewish. but you know, like super into it)
You Be The Judge! (he's super bossy and always wants to be the judge)
Yoo-hoo (he's allergic to "chocolatey")
Yahoo Sirius (reminds him of Yoo-hoo)
Yahoo (he prefers google)
Universities (he's opposed to the Ivory Tower and academics in general. Don't even get him started!)
University Presses (he prefers desktop publishing)
You Know It! (hates sassy catchphrases)
You Bet Your Sweet Bippy! (see above)
UNESCO (he's sort of an anarchist)


Eric should get back to work said...

and yet, he is totally into You Tube, Eugenics, the Yukon and Ukelele. Eurythmics? ew.

warren the turd(irish for the third) said...

If he's from N.Y. he probably cant stand watching red sox home games..."YUKE" "YUUUUKE"

KevinC. said...

He's probably not that into Eugene, either.

Prototype said...