Monday, February 16, 2009

It's as if this was the pilot for "If I Drew Cartoons for The New Yorker"

If you've known me for any considerable period of time then you can attest to the way your life has been quite improved from the constant and steady influx of me, me, me. Wait, that wasn't what I was intending to say.

Also, if you know me then you're familiar with my recurring "If I Drew Cartoons for The New Yorker" which I do on Red Eye and also this blog.

While admiring the me of years ago on my old Myspace blog I found what I think was the first ever cartoon. I hired a team of archaeologists to dig it out of the tar. It's a pretty big find for our team and I beg of you, please mind the railing.

Dec 20, 2006
SUBJECT: If I were a cartoonist

I would draw a picture of a CIA operative, or some kind of person who very clearly has a mysterious job, a kind of job where the mystery is necessary, and he would be drinking and confiding in a friend saying "I just feel like she has no idea what I do all day." No idea might be ital'd.

It would be very funny, but not the kind of funny that causes people to laugh out loud, but instead the kind that causes them to smile and maybe chuckle very quietly to themselves, like when you see a snail falling in love with a tape dispenser.

I don't mean to suggest my imaginary cartoon is as funny as the above, or that it's New Yorker worthy, but... but... um.... huh? Exactly.


Toddrod said...

Instead of CIA agent or some other enigmatic job title, you could have used "ad hoc television personality, humorist, blogger" as your subject!


Steve Spagnuolo said...

I'm sorry to ruin it, but can someone explain to me what ital'd means ? The word has a red underline as I type it indicating it's misspelled or is a word of error . Talking about red underlines, why is it that when I type Alison, it has none but when I type mines (Spagnuolo) it has one underneath ? The guy who invented vocabulary/punctuations is unfair I tell you !!!!!!!! (Hey vocabulary/punctuations inventor guy, I made multiple exclamation marks, what are you gonna do about it ?????????!!!!!!!!)

Steve Spagnuolo said...

Perhaps it doesn't include the apostrophe.

Steve Spagnuolo said...

If somebody doesn't explain to me what ITAL'D means I will surely go beyond lunacy.

alison said...

ITAL'D means italicized

Steve Spagnuolo said...

Thanx for the info, now I feel stupid !!!!!!!

Ted, White and Blue said...

That's pretty funny Ro Ro!