Thursday, February 05, 2009

Infinite regress... of ME!

I was watching my latest vlog on youtube and wondering if it's possible to jump the shark before you've even, um, drawn an audience to your shark jumping motorcycle rally, when this caught my eye.


Lew Moore said...

Who is this Alison Rosin he speaks of?

Joe said...

I demand the last 40 seconds of my life back! I saw that on the Pit the other day and didn't get it. Still don't.

But you can tell he's a huge fan of Alison Rasin.

Prototype said...

You mean "Alison Ross-en."

Toddrod said...

Awww.. isn't that jonfun?!? Poor guy, he knows it's Alison "Rosen" (pronounced correctly), but recently he's had a speech impediment that causes him to say "rose" like "roz." It's totally not his fault. He's a good guy.


Ted from Accounting said...

Holy shit this blog is getting stranger by the minute!

Anonymous said...

I still hate those F%CKing Steelers..... Hey, have you guys realized I've been swearing alot lately ? Maybe I should back off out of the Starburst candy....

EDinATL said...

Jonfun you have completely disoriented me and I now find myself extremely confused, much in the same way Alison's blog posts do sometimes (you know exactly the ones I'm talking about)

Good job though- to Alison for finding a video of a video of herself. Jk jonfun nice work.

Alison I hope you get alerts when new web pages show up with your name on it, you could at least save the 4 hours a day you spend googling yourself.

Hell I probably would too

Jonfun said...

I don't know what I meant, lol.

Hey, Joe! You can't have those 40 seconds back because Alison posted it.

Hi Lew! That would be me.

Yes, Todd Rodd, as for the speech...I what can I say? Two words: Greg Gutfeld.

Thanks EDinATL...if I presently it a bigger city I'd probably have few more exciting things do. I guess Alison will have to fit that bill for now.

She didn't post, taking out the garbage, the one where I name drop and say "great angle". So, who do write the check to for that infringement?

I was like...dude, she totally distracting me from the superbowl but then I realized I was actually being distracted from Alison Rosen by the superbowl, she has nothing else better to do than vlog? Webcast?

Talk about how awesome Alisonmania is? So, I was all over that like shrink wrap on a CD. Sorta...don't know what I'm talking about. I'm all woozy from this experience.

Any questions. :-D All yours AliRo. Peace.

***Disclaimer: this comment does not necessarily represent blog owners ideas, view, or opinions.***

PS: The video is in HD. I should probably shave the shaggy face? ;o)