Saturday, February 07, 2009

I almost dropped it!

And the panic that shot through me was not unlike what I imagine a mother feels like upon almost dropping her newborn. Anyway, it's cooling now and then I'll make and drizzle the glaze while bluebirds help me hem a dress.
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KevinC. said...

I'm proud of you Ali... it's like you're all growed up.

Jonfun said...

Ha, my security word is matic. Lovely.

There are some inherent abilities that come with being a woman. Usually cooking and usually following direction unlike passing them by like some people. I don't know who those people might be.

Remman said...

Have you decided on what type of glaze to put on that yummy looking cake?

Kurtis said...

Just don't set your Blackberry down while the bluebirds are helping.

Trapp said...

You're making me hungry.

I'm reminded of a time years ago, when my friend first got married, and I, and his wife's sister used to hang out with them all the time.

One day the girls' mom had left a cake for us, and while eating it, we were all remarking on how there was something crunchy that wasn't dissolving as we chewed.

Their mom eventually confessed to them that she had in fact, dropped the cake in the driveway, but she just brushed it off, and didn't bother to tell us! We were eating sand and gravel!

That was awesome.

Joe said...

"I almost dropped it!"

That reminds me of a woman on some TV show who said she once had a big family gathering for Thanksgiving and prepared a huge turkey. To everyone's horror, she dropped the turkey on the floor just as she was about to place it on the table!

So she quickly carried it back into the kitchen and brought out the "other" turkey.

We'll all be over at 8pm for the cake cutting ceremony!!

My verification word is OVENABS, which is what Ali Ro will have if she keeps baking stuff!

Joe said...

How ironic is it when they say in the Vermont Teddy Bear commercial that we guys shouldn't give the same Valentine's Day gift year after year when they've been running the same irritating commercial for TEN FREAKING YEARS???

Bill Clevlen said...

Nice job on the cakake, Martha Stewart. Impressive.

Prototype said...

Looks good. Now it looks like a *juiced up chocolate donut. I didn't know steroids was such a vital ingredient in baked goods.