Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cats, bunnies, products, fallopian tubes, Anna and me

This started out as a stealth solo vlog but then turned into a discussion of product placement, animals named Tobey and how I failed my pet rabbit.


Brett Jones said...

So, we now have a new character in the long and tortured life story of Alison M Rosen.

Sheliot the spinster rabbit.

Alison you should write children's books using Sheliot as the central character.

Best Ali/Anna vlog ever by the way.

Toddrod said...

Is it just me, or does "fallopian tubes" sound hilarious? If it weren't part of the female anatomy, I'd wanna use "fallopian tubes" everywhere!


Christian said...

There are just some things a man should never hear a woman talk about. Fallopian Tubes is one of those things, unless he is the one who is actively trying to help her use them. Just a helpful hint for the future.

Oh, and what was the fate of the Celibate Sheliot?