Friday, January 23, 2009

Video from Red Eye last night

Joe is awesome and made this little video which I stole from The Activity Pit. Yay Joe!


Chas Cowins said...

Thanks for the video. I missed taping the show because the Australian Open was on but that saves me from trying to find the whole thing on Hulu. Great job as always. By the way I actually saw Bill Schultz in Brooklyn when I was up for the US Open but would have much rather spotted you in the wild!

Joe said...

It was a great show and you were wonderful, Alison. Greg's intro for you after the Halftime Report and your reaction were classic.

I'm not sure why I didn't include the "Tootie Buddies" part (I cut the segment short), but the GOOD NEWS is that the full segment will be included in all future video releases including:

1/23/09 Red Eye Director's Cut Video:

Contains expanded segments from the 1/23/09 episode of Red Eye with behind the scenes footage and interviews with Greg, Bill, Andy and Megyn Kelly. Avaliable Feb 24.

The Alison Rosen Remastered
Commerative DVD:

Contains all of Alison's Red Eye appearances including the "Tiny Alison" segment filmed from multiple angles along with critical analysis. Also contains a compilation of all the Red Eye intros Alison has written, including the memorable cheese log, soap dispenser, and Vienna sausage intros. Cast, crew, critics and colleagues give a behind-the-scenes, in-depth look at the show. Special commentary by Bill Schulz. 90 minutes of deleted footage. Available June 16.

The 3 DVD Alison Rosen Complete
Collector's Set:

Includes all of Alison's Red Eye, Biography, and Mike & Juliet appearances. Special 12-part documentary "The Making of Red Eye" narrated by Alison. Other bonus features include a photo gallery with over 8,000 pictures and the featurette "Alison Rosen: How I Became a Self-Proclaimed Pop Culture Expert". Special Mini-Rooftop video including Alison's critically acclaimed shadow puppet performance and her 45 minute interview with Kirsten Dunst. Available Aug. 4.

The 5 Disc Blu-ray Alison Rosen
Ultimate Collector's Limited Edition:

Contains all of Alison's TV appearances including Red Eye, Hannity and Colmes, Chelsea Lately, Biography, Fox & Friends, Mike & Juliet, Pants-Off Dance-Off, Human Wrecking Balls, Celebrity Rehab and Sober House. Contains a 14 hour documentary about Alison's life including interviews with family members, friends, teachers, pimps and drug dealers. Also included is a 2002 interview where Alison discusses the TV series "The Facts of Life" and the influence "Tooty" had on her career. Also contains the exclusive featurette "Alison: "My Years As a Rock Star" and exclusive, never seen before photos of Tobey. Scanned at 4K resolution, 5.1 Dolby® Digital audio track. Available Sept. 15.

Christian said...

At least Greg remembered your name when he introduced you this time.
My focken DVR decided not to record this episode for some reason, so now I hope they put it up on HULU, although the latest one on there is from November.

Kevin said...

I think they’re re-airing your latest episode of RedEye today. I didn’t get to see it when it first aired so I’m definitely going to catch it this time.

Kevin said...

Well I did as I said and caught that episode of RedEye. I'm a little disappointed though; they hardly featured you, what gives? Want I really want to know is when they'll air the RedEye: Alison Rosen edition. Now that would be something to watch! Your YouTube videos and TV appearances are hilarious; you really should have your own TV show.