Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rejected titles for Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Strange Story of Zachary Zipper

The Bizarre Boondoggle of Steven Snaps

The Krazy Kerfuffle of Voldemort Velcro

The Fucked Up Foofaraw of Peter Pullover

The Pear-Shaped Plight of Kevin Kiltpin

The Odd Opus of Dennis Drawstring (note: Andy "I have 700 and something Twitter followers" Levy wrote this one)

The Twisted Tale of Eric Elastic Waistband


Toddrod said...

The Nauseating Narrative of Seamus Suspenders

Mike said...

Those were great.

Hey Allison,

I didn't know Andy had the time to make 700-some fake Twitter accounts to make him look so cool. *grins*

Anonymous said...

since many of thse involve clothing,

How about:

1. The Bloodcurdling Quandrary of Boxer Peehole (as in a pee-hole in the boxer.)

2. "The obtuse chronicle of Leopard Leggings."

3. "The Bending over of Richard Rippity Pants (rated G with a singalong).

4. "The Raconteur's yarn of Sylvestor Snitch Stich."

5. "The enigmatic flash of Betsy Underwire."

6. "The Prickly issue of Peter Pool Pocket."

EDinATL said...

Love em, I can't get CCBB references out of my head either now.

Bingo said...

The Phantasmagorical File of Billy Buckle

The Exposed Exposé of Ned Knot

The Illogical Illustrations of Sammy Staples

The Paradoxical Period of Rosie Rivet

The Demented Diary of Joyce Joist

The Industrial Implementation of Fanny Fastener

The Pedophilac Papers of Louis Loop

The Retractable Receptacle of Benny Butz

The Pickled Pair of Linus Lacings

Ted from Accounting said...

The Fucked Up Faux Pas of Frank Frickenshtein (Rated PG)

Toddrod said...

Just for fun:

The Sofa Story of Apprehensive Alison

Colt V. Ables said...
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Colt V. Ables said...

The Fabulous Frenzy of Pedophile Paul

coffee said...

the bamboozled blunders of sean shoelace