Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bro no

I'm fairly tired of the bro prefix. It was funny about eight years ago when people were joking about bro-downs and brodeos. Circa now, it's lost its charm. So I was thinking, what are some words that would never get the bro treatment? Words that are bro-proof? Here are a few:

Pot Broast
Brole playing games
Bromaine lettuce
Brotery telephone
Bro nail fungus


Toddrod said...

Broral Contraceptives


Toddrod said...



Toddrod said...



Little ol' Me said...

Brobal warming!

a jack with one eye said...

alison m brosen. i know i twittered it to you, but i want to concrete my awesome originality.

Natasha said...

Broderline Personality Disorder

Joe said...

Have we really been bro'ing things for eight years? Yeah, that sounds about right. All of these are still pretty funny though.

STOP THE PRESSES.... Alison and Anna BOTH on Red Eye tomorrow night? Sweet Fancy Moses!! That's a first I believe; hopefully not the last. It's not that often that NYC's two hottest femininas appear together on the same show.

My suggestion would even be for Greg, Andy and Bill to take a well deserved night off and let Alison and Anna host the show together. Who do I have to call to get something like that approved???

Joe said...

Just thought of one... Brordello.

Brorder crossing?

Joe said...


Scott said...

Broral Sex

Broganic Food



Ted from Accounting said...

What up Broggers!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Someone give me a good Bro pun and I will pay you back with one of mines, you know Quid Bro quo........

Scott said...

Gary Broseyisms

Hey A Ro,

Are you watching American Idol?