Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm way too busy to deal with outdated sock conventions

All the cool people in my apartment—and yes, I'm the only person in my apartment—have decided no longer to buckle to the pressure to match socks. Do you hear me, Hanes? NO MORE.

Wait, not Hanes. Actually I think these socks are Calvin Klein. Well, one of them at least. Does Hanes even make socks? God, I'm so socktarded!

Anyway, I now look homeless from the ankle down. It's very chic.


Toddrod said...

So does this mean you will only be wearing your UGGs from now till the end of winter?


Joe said...

When I read the title, I thought you were GOING to a sock convention, like at Madison Square Garden.

Hey, don't laugh. If they still have Star Trek conventions, they can have sock conventions too.

Or how about a sock summit? You probably think there's no such thing as a sock summit - but perhaps you might want to think again. I wonder if you have to be a heel to attend (I know, I know - pretty bad).

Kevin said...

You may be the one to start a new trend?

Ted from Accounting said...

Can you Ebay the sock orphans? I want to get into a bidding war with Todd and Joe!

I'll pay more if you throw in one of Anna's socks as well!

I'm just thinking know as a way to help the President's new middle class task force! Let's get this economy sock at a time!

timdub70 said...

The sock convention must be where the missing socks go.