Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hello new people

Watching Red Eye tonight and wondering to yourself, Who is that vixen and what's she all about? Just say yes, it's easier that way. Well welcome to my blog, make yourself at home and whatever you do, don't touch that. Dammit looks what you've done!

Anyway, perhaps you are wondering about the New Yorker cartoons? For a history, click here.

And if you want to follow me on Twitter, please do. It's important to me that I have more followers than like anyone I know, especially Andy.


Anonymous said...

Orientation Day:

"2009 will be my 2nd year in this blog even though I don't have a specific name here. And one thing I realized is that There seems to be alot of new people lately. I'm sure ALison's television gig on Red Eye is causing this increasing popularity but also maybe perhaps because there are many who are following me wherever I go. I feel eyes all over me......"

Toddrod said...

Who is this Anonymous person!?! I just have no idea.

So, I was confused at the end of Red Eye. Is Alison and Andy seeing each other? It's like high school except there are no incriminating witnesses to vouch for authenticity.


alison said...

No! People on twitter keep making comments about how it seems like we're seeing each other or how we should get a room, hence my wanting to set the record straight. Alas in setting the record straight I further confused everyone. In a word: awesome!

nilbog3000 said...

So do you want to get a room with Andy or what? The verification word for this post was "bicia." Isn't that like the Lithuanian for bitch? How cool is that?

Patrick said...

hey, whats up. could barely get that New Yorker joke out without completely cracking up, on Red Eye tonight, that was one of my laugh-out-loud moments on the show tonight, funny stuff.

I suppose the best jokes are the ones where you make yourself laugh, haha.

anyway, peace yo.

Joe said...

I think if Alison and Andy were secretly hooking up, they would go out of their way to NOT twitter each other or give us any other indication. Or maybe that's what they WANT us to think and are doing the opposite to throw us off. It's all so confusing!

Alison, you're currently leading Andy in twitter followers, 355 to 316! Andy's trying to catch up though by flashing his twitter uci during the halftime report.

You were wonderful on the show! You looked fabulous. I don't know if those were new earrings, but I LOVE them! Possibly even more than those other ones I said I loved. I'm one of the few people in the civilized world who thinks it's possible to love two different earrings at the same time. I don't care what Gisele B√ľndchensays.

We even got a mini version of tiny Alison waving... Yay!

Ted from Accounting said...

You are Miss Popular now with all these new people...I think it's GREAT!

Toddrod said...

I dunno, I disagree with Ted. I miss the old days when Alison was a big nobody, and only a couple of us knew Tobey is a dog, and she suffered from sofa buying angst.

Wait that was only last month!



Brett Jones said...

I to bristled at the sudden influx of people, Toddrod. Then I realize I've only been following this blog for less than a year, and the blog has been going since 2004.

It seem I'm also an interloper. Still, I want the new people to die a slow painful death.

Dismas said...

Red Eye, Red Eye, Red Eye. . . Oh hi Alison.
Caught you on Red Eye. The little Alison, waving behind Andy, was a good bit.
Your star seems to be rising. Hope you make an impression on the Hollywood walk of fame some day!
Same time tomorrow, Alison?
. . . Red Eye, Red Eye, Red Eye.