Sunday, January 18, 2009

Every photo I've uploaded to this blog

So evidently every photo I've ever uploaded to this blog is available in a photo album. I'm trying to figure out where to put this permanently on the blog. You know, trying to figure out what kind of blog real estate to give it. The real estate market is at an all time low though, so I'm thinking I might give it five row houses and a storefront. I'll likely give it the worst set of five row houses plus storefront on the best block, as opposed to the alternative, because I hear that's what you're supposed to do.

Oh and by the way the breakdown is roughly:

photos of me from TV: buttloads!
photos of animals: not saying there aren't any
photos of ducklings specifically: totes
photos of me playing guitar thus proving I was in a band. Hey, did I mention I was in a band: a goodly number
photos of the beach: a smattering


Brett Jones said...

Sweet! Above the fold is a sea of Alison pictures.

I miss these early RE hair styles:

Brett Jones said...

Inquiring minds demands to know. What's with the Anti-Freeze pictures?

alison said...

I believe I uploaded those back when I was explaining my feelings about Appletinis.

basicmagic said...

i like this-
"a goodly number" and "a smattering"

you and words get along nicely.

vincent, in buffalo

ps- i read harry blackstone jr's book when i was a little kid. cool stuff... i'm thinking your dad treasured his friendship.

Scott said...

Wow, I'm in Alison pictorial overload--what a treat:)

I vote for BIG hair!! Just so you know A Ro, all real men do ;)

If you really want to drive us crazy someday, dig up and post some pics when your hair was big and a little curly too.

On a serious note I hope you felt a little better today Alison. Maybe it's too soon, but I always thought this Cyndi Lauper song about her childhood friend was sad and beautiful at the same time Sally's Pigeons


Ted from Accounting said...

My Alison Rosen Masterpiece is in there! Sweet!