Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Don't get too close" (a grainy brunch vlog)

A video/vlog more obnoxious and self-indulgent than the previous two and which might give you whiplash and where I look pretty awful and sound even worse? If you insist! And by the way, I used a special filter which makes my nose look roughly 15 times its actual size.

But who is this Dustin character? That would be Dustin Goot. He pops up in my blog periodically. We used to work at Time Out New York together and before that I wrote for him at Sync magazine (fun fact: Bill Schulz also wrote for Sync.) Anyway, I shot this with my phone, which is sort of unbelievable, in that the quality is so poor you'll probably think I shot it with my shoe.

I didn't though, because I don't have a media card in my shoe.

I have a foot in my shoe however. That's just me; always putting my foot in my shoe!


DarkKnight3565 said...

Boy that special nose filter really works!

I wonder where I could get one...and if it would make anything look 15X bigger.

Not that I *ahem* would need that personally of course. I'm just saying.

Michael said...

Please don't ever do that again.

alison said...

Thank you for the warm words of encouragement!

Joe said...

That was pretty good Ali Ro! I hope you do more of them. Pleez pleez pleez pleez...

However, I've been following your blog for over 12 years and I don't recall your ever mentioning Dustin Goot before. I remember a Dustin back around 2001, but I believe his last name was Mahoney. And weren't you two quite an item? Whatever happened to him?

I actually lied. I've really only been following your blog for 3 days. I like it though!

Christian said...

This one had that grainy, real feeling of a good documentary on seals or wood products. Something that would win the prestigious Golden Monkey at the Beijing Movie Festival, if you dubbed in in Chinese and talked about Mao.

And your nose was just the right size. Please.

Brett Jones said...

I thought it was awesome. It was almost like I was there, just off camera, the "friend" that's always hanging around that no one ever engages.

Ted from Accounting said...

wOOt it's gOOt!

I feel so bad for making fun of the Gootster a while back! He really looks like a great guy! Can you lip sing to some songs like Julia does? That would be HOT! I think her cell phone takes better quality video though! Fun stuff!