Thursday, January 29, 2009

Conversations with an adolescent Magic 8 Ball

Me: Should I wear this shirt today?
Adolescent Magic 8 Ball: Reply hazy, I NEVER ASKED TO BE BORN!


Jonfun said...

Ok, now I'm scared of you. BTW where can I pick that 8-Ball up? What street, town, and bathroom stall? I mean the toy not the crack. I think.

Joe said...

Me: Alison still likes me best, right?

Urban Dictionary Magic 8 Ball: She thinks you're 404, dude.

I may start drinking early tonight. How ironic since Sober House is on.

Toddrod said...

Q 4 M8B: Should I ask Alison out for a date?

A: You are joking, right?

Q 4 M8B: No, really! What do you think she would say?

A: Uh, she's gonna say "no" dude!

Q 4 M8B: Why "no?"

A: Dude! You are one of many guys from the internet that is fighting to get her attention. Yet, she has no idea who you are, what you look like, or if you are some sort of psychotic! She'd be foolish to wanna date you!

Q 4 M8B: So, I should send her my picture, and that may help me get a date with her?

A: You keep holding onto that dream...

Ted from Accounting said...

What up bitches!

Todd, I sent Alison my picture and professional that! My 8 Ball told me too!

Sadly, still no date! LOL

Joe, I read the World's worst person comment and loved it! I'd vote myself as well!

Toddrod said...

Ted! hahaha... I forgot about that! I think you mentioned it before! Now I feel like I stole your ideal! Sorry dude!


Ted from Accounting said...

Shit don't be sorry! When you two are on a romantic cruise together just send a postcard...although it will probably be Joe sending the's always Joe! Joe Joe Joe!

If only we knew how to capture video...right!?!?!?

Ted hugs Joe!

Ted from Accounting said...

Alison is Anna your new BFF?

P.S. I'm eating Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Not to be a thread stealer but does anyone know the best way to get rid of a major sinus infection? My word verification is psyeendum so if anyone says to take that, I'll call "bullshit!"

Anonymous said...

---"Perhaps the idea of producing a scary movie involving an eight-ball telling a person clues to solving questions about a gruesome past is more appealing than that one scene in Hostel II were a guy got his b*lls ripped off....." (That movie sucked anyway, and apologies for telling the ending.)