Friday, December 19, 2008

This never happens

After a busy day of making snow angels and doing nothing, I decided to cook and not only am I using the stove but I'm also using the oven. This is officially the first time I've used both simultaneously. I'm multitasking!

What am I making you might ask? I'm making paste on the stove and broiling shoes in the oven.

Not really. I'm attempting to make science my bitch by making meringues using only egg whites, cream of tartar, salt, splenda and bee spit and angora wool and thimbles. If I succeed I will be very famous. Just warning you. If I fail I will have created a delicious alternative to styrofoam peanuts.
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Ted from Accounting said...

From the picture, it appears as though you are baking some plain mushrooms! Are you Ro Ro? I would call that strange...not that you are but...

Anonymous said...

UNprecedented event of this day:

"Your perceptible persistence to create what your creating in your kitchen is probably a result of being inspired by my unparralleled resilience......(Such powerful words.)

Gov. Blagojevich

Joe said...

Wolfgang Puck might just call you for the recipe. I've never seen him prepare anything resembling styrofoam peanuts, so you're breaking new ground.

But your pictures remind me of how when I was growing up my grandmother used to spend hours making cookies and other treats for us kids at Christmas. Those were great times. Now I just buy stuff at the store :o(