Wednesday, December 17, 2008

See me on The Strategy Room at 3pm today EST

You can watch it here.

And then I'll be on Red Eye Thursday night/Fri morning and The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet on Friday morning. I'm totally infesting your TV.

Infest is a gross word. Even if you had an infestation of something cute, like ducklings. In fact I'd almost say a duckling infestation is an oxymoron. But it's not. Just almost. You know?


Joe said...

I let you down today Alison! I wasn't able to capture any pics from the Strategy Room. Ugh!

BUT I've still got you covered! Greg is apparently looking for the best Red Eye moments from 2008. The first one I thought of was you behind Andy durng the half-time report, and I submitted that as my favorite Red Eye moment of 2008.

Since then, several people have said that was one of their favorite 2008 moments too. So I'm quite sure you'll be included in the list of 2008 Red Eye favorites.

At least this day wasn't a total loss!

Ted from Accounting said...

I'm totally going to suggest Alison's "I'm sorry is my talking getting in the way of your interrupting!?!?!?" directed at Sherod!

My favorite line...I've used it IRL since! :)

Prototype said...

I like how you repeated exactly what you thought about the Ponzi towards the end of the show today. And when the others were talking, you just sat there quietly listening, and when someone looks at you you just smiled quickly for 2 seconds then stopped. Then there were those moments when you made eye contact with the camera.

Scott said...

One of the funniest moments Red Eye moments this year involving A Ro (that I think was from '08) was...

When they were discussing some product that's a Vacuum/Marital Aid combo and when Greg asked her comment on it's practicality an embarrassed Alison answered she couldn't because, 'Her parents watch this show...and she doesn't want them to know she cleans'

Classic! :)

Brett Jones said...

I'm with Scott on this.

The line was funny enough, but the best part was that you looked like you were genuinely uncomfortable talking about sex toys (or maybe it was just the horrific idea of being intimate with a shop-vac), and the answer seemed like it was unprepared and honest, with the joke at the end to save it.