Friday, December 19, 2008

How do we feel about this?

By we I mean me. Is it cheesy or neato? I find most things are one of the two. And yes, I know I need help. It's the Quinn sofa from Z Gallerie and it's got silver nail heads on the arm, upping the neat/cheese quotient.


Brett Jones said...

It looks great. I like the color. My only concern is the arm rests being to hard. Without a pillow it's not the kind of couch you can curl up on and watch a movie.

Ted from Accounting said...

"Hated it!"

Joe said...

I don't know. The couch you already have has grown on me. Kind of like a polyp in the mucous membrane of my sinus cavity.

Just kidding. Unlike everyone else in the universe, I like the couch you already have. I don't like this one as much. I like a couch with poofier arms.

Ever thought about getting a hammock?

Toddrod said...

Z Gallerie?? Don't you shop at real furniture stores?


P.S. It's ok, but I bet it's $700 more expensive than one at a real furniture store.

P.S.S. My verification word is "comicalm." Before Alison took the stage at the comedy club, she did some deep breathing exercises to reach a state of comicalm before she delivered her monologue.