Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Here, I wrote a crappy monologue joke for you

Very emotional night. I haven't seen this many tears since.... the last election.


Anonymous said...

Quote of the monologue that sounds crappy but at least doesn't involve Vag-eye-nas:

"The election was very busy, intense, and long but finally over. I like to give kudos to my party despite losing the very hard-fought presidential campaign. Yet, I am very hopeful for the coming future......"

.......Arnold/Sylvester 2012

Toddrod said...

What a historic night. I'm not a Obama supporter, and admit that I didn't vote for him. However, good for him, and congratulations to what he has accomplished. In one big step his win says that our country is eventually turning away from the racist past that has in many ways defined our country. He has a very difficult job before him, and I'm sure he will piss me off with some of his decisions. However, that will be a good thing because my aggravation will be for a difference in political opinion, and not because of a difference in color. This is a good time for the USA.


Joe said...

So what am I doing on this historic day? I've been inspired to return to my recycling roots! Yes, WikiHow has once again provided me with a way to help save my planet.

This time... how to reuse an old shower curtain. Here's a quick summary of the ways I WILL be part of the solution:

1. Use it for finger painting fun. Nothing says eco-friendly like fingerpainting on an old shower curtain. I'm totally there!

2. Use it as a water slide. It's a bit cool outside to be setting up a water slide, but I once went SCUBA diving on New Years Day, so can a winter water slide be any worse? Let the neighbors laugh.

3. Make a fly strip curtain. The few flys that can survive Vermont in winter are TOAST, my friends.

4. Take it tent camping. I haven't been tent camping since I was 12, but perhaps now's the time to start reliving my childhood. I think I still remember how to start a campfire with 2 shoelaces.

5. Keep it in the trunk of your car. There's plenty of junk there already, but OK. Mother Earth, there's always room for you!

6. Cover the barbecue. Nothing says "I'm a dedicated recycler" than a somewhat used vinyl, paisley print BBQ cover. I might even make the January cover of Recycling Today.

Please visit the page that was my inspiration:

Brett Jones said...

I used my shower curtain to wrap up the remains of the last guy who told me it was job to save the planet. He had a large carbon footprint, so I had to use a couple of trash bags to cover him completely. It's ok though, they were biodegradable bags.

Joe said...

Brett - I was going to add "Use it to wrap up a dead body" but I don't want to give the Feds ANOTHER reason to visit me.

Toddrod said...

OMG, I hate shower curtains, especially in the shower! I always freak out when the curtain unexpectedly touches my leg while I'm washing myself. Argghh!! It feel like a dead guy touching your leg. Ew!


P.S. My verification word is "guing." I'll try to use it in a sentence. "The shower curtain is guing my leg! That is soooo gross!!

Toddrod said...

I probably shouldn't ask this, but...

Alison, you haven't posted from the gym in awhile? Have you stopped taking your Blackberry to the gym? Just thought I'd ask.