Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cute puppy talking points

1. Who's a cute puppy?
2. Are you a cute puppy?
3. Are you the cutest puppy ever?
4. Are you the cutest puppy in the whole world?
5. Has anyone ever told you you're the cutest puppy in the whole wide world?
6. Has anyone ever loved a cute puppy as much as I love you?
7. How'd you get to be so cute?


Brett Jones said...

Thoughts going through dogs head: Did she just say Kibble? Maybe it was Bit. Good God Women! Kibble or Bit? Just feed me!

Purpleslog said...

I also like to use:

- "Who's the Puppy! Who's the Puppy!"
- "Look at you!"
- "Oh you're such a big fierce doggie.

It seems much less many now that I write it down.

Joe said...

I just realized that "cute" is an anagram for "tobey". Well, except for the c, u, o, b and y. But how crazy is that??

I like it when Tobey does his Linda Blair/Exorcist impersonation and spins his head around 360 degrees. You'd think that would cause injury to his brain stem, but maybe his neck is double-jointed.

Now see, I just irritated myself because I hate it when people (and dogs) say they're double jointed - because there's NO SUCH THING. Usually it's just a misaligned joint, or according to Wikipedia it can be caused by:

- Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
- Marfan Syndrome
- Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Osteogenesis Imperfecta
- Lupus
- Polio
- Downs Syndrome
- Morquio Syndrome
- Cleidocranial Ddysostosis
- Myotonia Congenita
- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
- Fibromyalgia

So people, please don't say you're double jointed - because if you do, so help me Moses I'll... I''ll... I'll...

...correct you.