Friday, November 21, 2008

The Art of Driving the MINI E

I weep for all the jokes that didn't make this cut.


Scott said...

OK, so Alison has already worn a Gray and a Light Blue blouse in the first two MINI E shoots (which were great BTW~that Patchouli joke worked on so many different levels:)-Going by what she packed on her bed CLICK HERE I've got $5 that says in the next MINI E shoot she'll be donning either that Dark Blue blouse of maybe the Burgundy one.

Any takers?

..personally I think she should go with the Burgundy one--that's a great color for her.

Joe said...

Great videos, Alison! It's almost like you never left the rooftop.

After seeing your videos and reading several articles about the Mini E, I'd love to take a spin myself. The author of one of the articles says it takes a little getting used to.

Anonymous said...

Mini Driver Clip :

"With lower gas prices, I bet this automobile event won't be charging more than is expected...."

David Folch said...

Thanks Alison for taking my stupidest words in the final cut !
you didn't like our drag show I did with Stanislas ?


David, the french