Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When it comes to social interactions

When it comes to social interactions I prefer to have them with a mic in my hand or a camera in my face. Tonight I mixed with people unknown to me without all that though. Just me, my bongos and a bottle of Wild Turkey. Minus the bongos and Wild Turkey.

I went to a party with Red Eye pal John Roy where I met a guy (funny comedian Pete Holmes) who draws actual cartoons for the New Yorker. I got all excited and tried to explain that I draw fake cartoons for the New Yorker but I don't draw them, I just think them up, and I never send them in because it's not about that. I think he was suitably impressed. Then I mentioned that some of my fans have actually drawn them but what I really meant to say was, "Did I mention I have fans?"

And then I had a horribly awkward exchange with a woman by the crudite, but it's late and I'm too tired to write it out. Perhaps tomorrow, my dears. It involves slippery bell peppers and tongs.


Anonymous said...

Quote of the Social-interactivated:

"TOp HEadline SToRiES of the DaY:

-MAN Hanging a Sarah Palin Mannequin as a Halloween Decoration draws attention.

-Stocks soar high.

-High School Musical 3 is number one in the box office.

-Stand-ups are running low in the ongoing satirical material drought. Many fear worst to come as politicians are careful not to let a Freudian Slip go by in the remaining days of campaigning.

---- ZZZZZZZZ (Leave me alone, ANDerson CoOper very tired.)

Toddrod said...

ew bell peppers. I don't really like bell peppers.


Joe said...

You were out late partying on a school night? I suppose it's OK since you don't go to school.

I woke up this morning at 5am... no power... no heat... temp inside: 61, temp outside: 32 (with 2" of snow on the ground.)

I made some coffee and read by flashlight for an hour and waited to the sun to come up. Power finally came back on at 7:45.

What the heck did people do before electricity? Did they ALL read by flashlight?

Brett Jones said...

Pretty much the same type of morning here Joe. The power dropped around 2:00 am, then it was on and off a number of times.

I'm pretty close to open ocean and the wind was really rocking last night.