Monday, October 27, 2008

This just in: I'm on Red Eye tonight!

Could your Monday night/Tuesday morning have gotten any better? I think not.

Here's a picture of a peaceful looking bedroom to enjoy while you ponder how awesome this is. I found it here.


Brett Jones said...

Will you be on with Patti Anne?

Tell Greg your fans demand a place for you at the adult table. It's a crime against humanity that you're constantly elsewhere in the studio.

There will be murderous riots if we don't get our way and celebratory destruction of cars and store fronts if we do.

P.S. Wear a short skirt.

Joe said...

Alison on Red Eye tonight -- YAY!!

I bet even the puppies on that other web site will watch.

So I got a 9x6 postcard in the mail today that you would love, Alison. It was from one of the large furniture stores in the area. On one side is a picture of a beautiful and very plush tan couch and on the other side it announces a "12 Hour Breakfast Sale" from 8am to 8pm this Saturday. They're offering NO MONEY DOWN, NO PAYMENTS OR INTEREST FOR TWO FULL YEARS, AND DOUBLE VALUE (for every dollar you spend, they'll give you the same amount in addt'l merchandise for free).

They're serving breakfast (pastries, gourmet coffees and fruit juice) from 8am to 2pm and other assorted snacks for the rest of the day.

It says "By Invitation Only" which I think means as soon as you drive into their parking lot you're invited.

Toddrod said...

Wow, way to fill in at the last minute Alison! I know I've been Mr. Negativity lately, but I appreciate that you are coming to the aid of your Red Eye friends. You are a Super Trooper.


Lord Melchior said...

Okay so what was the deal with "Rachel"?