Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm top chef!

Cab Driver: So are you married, miss?
Me: Nope
Cab Driver: Really? I would have thought you be married with two kids.
Me: Yeah
Cab Driver: I'm surprised. You're top chef. You know? Top chef. You ain't all beat up.


Anonymous said...

Top 10 WTF moments on TV:

1. Sarah McLachlan's very emotional song yet it is about saving dogs.(Living things that only eat and sleep. )

2. Commercial of Keanu Reeves thinking he can save the world in his new remake film called The Day the Earth Stood Still. Didn't we gone through an alien remake already ?(You know, the one with Tom Cruise where he bashed Tim Robbins brains out with a shovel looking like the psycho he is definitelly not. Or is he?)

3. BOniva commercial by Sally Fields (Multiple Personalities are possible unwanted side effects for that drug.)

4. Saw V (Another one of the series, geez, I think we already got the point.)

5.Obama ads and Mccain ads (Where the hell are the Mccain ads ? Damn you George Soros !!!!)

6. DL Hughley giving the NeWs on CNN (Major WTF).

7. Athletes wearing their exposed underwear in the Commercial for the video game ROCK BAND dancing like Tom Cruise (AS MENTIONED ABOVE) in the movie Risky BUsiness. (Kobe Bryant singing Bob Seger's classic is very odd. What's next, O.J Simpson asking Jack Nicholson I want the truth and Jack Nicholson returns saying "ironically, you can't handle the truth".)

8. A guy telling Courtney Love a Kurt Cobain joke right in front of her in the Pamela Anderson Roast.

9.The commercial for the Red Bull Energy drink with a man flying above a bird after the bird defectated on the man. The man unzipped his pants to return the favor. And the other Red Bull commerical about biology class. (So it's consensual and not drug induced no matter what, just because it's a woman ?)

10. Direct TV commercials are so WTF(especially the Chevy Chase scene. Yet I wish they made one for the movie Titanic where Jack is descending to the bottom of the ocean and Rose will be talking about Subscribing right away because not doing so is just the tip of the iceberg and your life will be sinking faster than Celine Deon's Career. )

Joe said...

Next time:

Cab Driver: So are you married, miss?
Alison: Yep - 28 years!
Cab Driver: Really? That's a long time. You don't look old enough.
Alison: I was a child bride.
Cab Driver: Any kids?
Alison: Twelve.
Cab Driver: Wow!
Alison: And I'm carrying triplets right now.
Cab Driver: Is that right! Where to?
Alison: Presbyterian Hospital - and step on it!

Brett Jones said...

It must have done your ego wonders to be graded like fresh produce or meat.

I bet you have a USDA Prime stamp right on your tush. Personally I think of you more as a fine cut of Kobe Beef.