Sunday, October 26, 2008

I heard puppies

I heard puppies and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. It was on my computer! I'd left this window open:

You'll probably want to go there now.

And now, an important question that's unrelated to puppies: Let's say you have two important meetings coming up and you've noticed that your hair is really frayed at the ends and so you could really use a trim. But let's say you are also someone who walks away from many haircuts feeling upset and like your tender follicular rights have been violated? Do you make an appointment ahead of time so your hair will look better however you're risking being unhappy with it? Or do you just go to your important meetings with in-need-of-a-trim hair?

It's more rhetorical, since I tried to make an appointment to get a haircut and they can't see me until after the meetings. But, you know, just wondering what you would have done.


Scott said...

I think you should just wear that Egyptian Head-dress that you were sporting in your last Vlog to your upcoming meetings.

Nothing will scream 'take me seriously', 'I'm a strong-powerful, accomplished woman and a force to be reckoned with' quite like that.

hugh said...

I would go to a cheap walk-in place and say "off with my head."

Joe said...

I agree with Scott - wear the ancient tribal headdress. It's kinda sexy. But you should probably leave the snakes and lizard at home.

I just watched Celebrity Rehab again. I've had my fill - at least until Thursday when the next episode airs.