Saturday, October 11, 2008

Books on the train

Last night I did something I never do—talked to strangers on the train. They started it! Twice!

It's because I was reading the second book of the Twilight series. Vampire books for 13 year olds with loosely veiled Mormon themes? How could it not resonate with me, when you think about it.

My train friends also are concerned about the movie and the casting of Edward. One of my train friends was on the fourth and final book and she started reading something else because she didn't want to finish and have no more books to read. She has more restraint than I do, sort of how Edward has more restraint than say, Jasper.

If you want to meet people, read the Twilight series on the train! If you want to read the Twilight series on the train? Take a cab.


Brett said...

"Vampire books for 13 year olds with loosely veiled Mormon themes? How could it not resonate with me, when you think about it."

Lets see, alabaster skin, black hair and you've become a nocturnal creature.

I get the vampire part, but I'm fuzzy on the Mormon part. Are you looking for a nice guy with only one or two wives to settle down with?

Joe said...

I know I've mentioned this before, but when I was growing up we used to drive to Brewster, NY and take the train to Grand Central. If we went during the week, we joined a lot of the commuters who lived in outlying towns like Mt. Kisco and took the train into the city every day.

Some of the people used to read but a lot of them played cards too, which at the time I thought was odd but now think was probably a good way to pass the time. I also remember how people would drive into the station just as the train was pulling away, and they'd have to run for all they were worth (with their briefcases) to catch it.

So get this - this morning I was playing with Google Earth and found out there's now a Chinese take-out place right across the street from where I grew up. Wow - it would have been so SWEET to have that there when I was young! I wouldn't have had to cook - which I never did anyway. Not with a mother and 4 sisters around. I helped out with the dishes once in a while, but that's where I drew the line. Seriously, I didn't cook a meal until I was 28. It was a bowl of cereal. And I burned it.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the Book WORm:

"When my wife's birthday is approaching, I'll make the party a surprise for her and invite Madonna to the celebration (She will be told it's not for Sarah but for that clever dude who made the VOGUE DANCE CHEOGRAPHY, ensuring her to come definitely.) and I'll make sure Madonna wears a Moose costume.Also,Boris and Natasha will be invited since Russia is so close from Juneau. When my wife comes home after hunting still holding the rifle, Bullwinkle will appear saying "SURPRISE" before my wife responds "AND SAME TO YOU ". ....