Friday, October 10, 2008

Here's the stand up set.


Toddrod said...






Brett said...

Nicely done Alison.

I'm curious. How much prep did you do beforehand? Your timing was good and you didn't seem to be rushing at all. The delivery was very conversational.

Are there any open Mics in your future?

Scott said...


One word: WOW!!!!

Seriously that was AWESOME~this could be a whole new career for you.

I love the bit about Diabetos, I might have that too but it would be from Equal...and for years I've thought that Plexiglas around Salad Bars was just to protect the produce from sneezes--who knew? :O

Also, when you originally posted those pics of you doing your routine the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that one of you holding the mike and looking pensively up into the sky was you saying--'Are you there God it's me Alison'....and as it turns out you actually were---that's too weird, and you're too funny!!

Congratulation again the win and thanks for sharing the video of it.

My Aim Is True,


Ted from Accounting said...

Dude, I used to like the Pizza Hut salad every week like it! But, now not so much!

Great job Ro Ro! You're a natural! Really Awesome!

Joe said...

I fully agree with Toddrod.

Fantastic job, Alison! Very funny and very well delivered. You had 'em eating out of your hand. I think you're ready to go on tour in the Catskills.

Best line: "He thought the baby corn WAS asking for it."

I remember a salad bar line from a comedian years ago who said you can always tell it's allergy season because you can't see through the sneeze guard.

Great job on Red Eye last night too. Wow - you're really on a roll! said...

Hilarious. Awesome. I don't think I'll ever hear salad shooter the same!

Nicely done!


Anonymous said...

Quote of the stand up:

"I'm glad you said my favorite words that makes a stand-up so enjoyable even for the family such as "SHOUT","WITCHES", "MASTERCATING", and "HOCKEY PUCK".I'm definitely sure I heard them all right !!!!:) .."

-----Marlee Matlin

:-D Shea said...

I was very surprised NOT to find you in Wikipedia,seemed like a major oversight to me so I've taken care of it.


Mandy M Roth said...

"Confused look I've come to associate with romance."

I love it!