Saturday, September 20, 2008

rat gas

There is a disgusting smell in my parents' dryer. At the time of this writing the smell has actually come out of the dryer and is funking up the hall. I would describe it as a pile of bile but my dad thinks it's "just rotten smelling." I'd also allow "a bile pile." Anyway, it's probably a mouse or rat in the piping. I wondered if it would be better if it were a bird or kitten. I can't decide. Anyway though, this conversation just happened:

ME: So wait, does that mean rat gas is getting blown all over my clothes?
MY DAD: no, it's going the other way
MY MOM: yeah, other way.



Toddrod said...

So.... Alison gas is blowing all over the rat's clothes?


Joe said...

I think it's the top you wore in the Masala Bhangra video. It looked a little ripe toward the end.

No, I think you're right. A little critter probably crawled in the exhaust outlet from the outside and couldn't get out. Or something crawled into the dryer itself (not in the drum but inside the frame).

I had some mice in my basement a few years ago. They got in through a small hole in the foundation. I was going to put down poison but I didn't want them to die someplace where I couldn't get them. So I used the spring loaded mousetraps. I really hate using them, but what are you gonna do? I hate those meeses to pieces.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the Rat Gas:

"Does this news have anything to do with the recent Fatwa I made against Mickey Mouse ?"

-----Shia Lebouf