Saturday, September 20, 2008

I will be performing stand up

as part of New York's Funniest Reporter contest which is part of the NY Underground Comedy Festival in October. I'm performing on October 5 at Gotham Comedy Club. I tried part of my act for my dad yesterday and let me just say that I killed. Meaning I think I nearly killed him, that's how unfunny I was. So, that's great. I feel good about that. At least I have some time to work on better material.

Anyway, here's a page trumpeting my awesomeness and I didn't even put it together myself. Truly.


Joe said...

Go Alison! You said you wanted to try some stand up, so that's Fantastic. And they're contrbuting to a great cause too, so double bonus points for you!!

I can totally see you on stage saying something like, "Hello, it's great to be here. So what's the deal with asparagus?"

Well, maybe not that exactly. But if great things happen and you some day wind up with your own sitcom, I want to be coinsidered for a writing job. Despite the things I've posted here, I really do have a good sense of humor.

Good luck on Oct 5! Here's some inspiration:

Toddrod said...

I wanna go! Too bad I live in California, cuz I'd go if it were here! Hope you have a lot of fun.