Friday, September 12, 2008

How I feel about being filmed doing yoga tomorrow morning

In theory I'm all for it as I'm a fun "hey whatever" kind of gal* however in reality I have neither real yoga clothes nor funny yoga clothes, I only have shirts and I guess I'll wear sweatpants, and also it's going to be very early. I asked the crew to corner James Fucking Friedman, which is his DJ name although I think he spells it James F&*!!ing [or something like that] Friedman and ask him if he has any sweat bands because he seems like the type who might but then it occurred to me that even if he did he's not going to get them there early enough. Whatever will I do? If you're reading this and you happen to be going to the rooftop between now and 8:30am and you have a pile of funny eighties workout clothes please leave them somewhere where I'll find them. Thank you.

*on camera that is. In real life I'm a total pain in the ass.


Toddrod said...

Just be careful for yoga toe.

Joe said...

First of all, a late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tobey and Brett! Tobey must be 1 and Brett, I'm assuming, is a little older. Hope you had a great birthday Brett!

Have fun at yoga, Alison. I hope it goes well. hehehe... can't wait for the video.

Wow - Hurricane Ike is quickly moving in on Galveston. The National Weather Service issued a statement saying residents who don't leave will face "certain death" as a storm surge up to 22 feet high rolls across the island. Amazing - I don't remember them ever issuing such a dire warning.

Brett Jones said...

Personally I feel great about it, refreshed even like I'm the one who's just done all the stretching and the tough isometric posing.

Plus I get to watch AMR do Yoga.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the funny workout clothes:

"If you wear the suit from the Borat film over a tight sweater and tight pants, you will do just fine....."

Olivia Newton John

ALso if you look at 0:10 in the video, you will see John Holmes in his final hours before saying I quit.Don't try hard to understand the underlying joke...