Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Brooklyn can't keep its hands off me

Yesterday I went to this cute little antique or secondhand store near my apartment that had all this cool old furniture which smells cool and old and maybe a little like mothballs, but very hip vintage moth balls, not mass produced moth balls. I mean, the craftmanship that went into these balls. The elbow grease and the sweat. Someone labored over these balls. You don't find that in the city. So anyway I was talking with the woman who worked at the store because I can be garrulous and winning when I so choose, or when the moment chooses me, I mean, who's to say you know? So we're talking and she asks how long I've been in the neighborhood and I tell her three days and she comes out from behind the counter to give me a hug and say welcome to the neighborhood. It was so sweet I almost cried! And then I told my sister later that day and she almost cried! It's like we're just so relieved that anyone likes me! And then today I met my landlord's wife and daughter (they live above me) and they were super nice and gave me a sweet housewarming gift (a cute teapot and some tea) and told me I was home now and if there's anything I need not to hesitate to ask and she gave me a hug and it was so nice I almost cried. And then I told my parents and they almost cried! I'm telling you, it's like I've never known the touch of other human beings or something. Anyway, photo tour? I think so:

Here's me on moving day in the middle of the WORST allergy attack ever. I think my nose was swollen. I cannot emphasize enough how bad this allergy attack was. It was like a cat exploded on my face. And not in a good way. A less confident person would burn this photo, not upload it, but what the hell. I dare you to love me.

Here's one of the pieces of furniture I bought from the antique store near my apartment. Usually I like white furniture but new borough, new woodstain. Also, don't I look like a fussy little old man with this nightstand? You can't really tell but there is an umbrella and a bottle of aspirin on the shelf. It's the umbrella that makes me look geriatric for some reason. I should also stick a hot water bottle under there. And my reading glasses, even though I don't use reading glasses.
Oops, out of order. Here's me on moving day, transporting my precious plants. That's me with no makeup, by the way. None.

Here's the adorable teapot I received as a housewarming gift from my landlord. I also received a tin of tea but that isn't in this photo.

Here's another piece of furniture I bought from the antique store. Doesn't it kind of look like a smiley face or the face of a robot/computer in an 80s movie? I liked it until I wrote that.

Here's a lamp I bought at this little furniture store I discovered called Ikea. Who knew I like funky lamps? I didn't. But I do!

Here's a rounded edge bookshelf thing I bought from that store. Not Ikea, the other one.

I also bought a "secretary" although thus far this pink thing hasn't made me any coffee or filed anything.

Here it is, opened. It's blue inside! I totally didn't need this at all, however now that I have it I've made it my correspondence corner, in case I need to send anyone a postcard. Note: the last postcard I sent was in 1994.

Here's a bathroom storage thing I bought from someone off Craiglist. Now my whole bathroom smells like whatever hair products the person who used to own this used. It's a distinctive smell but I can't place it which is frustrating. I like to think I know my Garnier from my Aquanet from my Sebastian.

I love ducklings but I realized that the love I have for my dishwasher is a close second. I LOVE this dishwasher. A friend of mine told me he finds doing dishes relaxing. I find not doing dishes relaxing.

Inside my dishwasher.

Remember how I said my freezer smells like asparagus? Well asparagus, you've met your match. I'm tackling the problem head on. This baking soda was lovingly shot and backlit in my freezer.
And lest that smell think of laying down roots in my fridge? Think again.

I guess that's all for now.


todd said...

Wow, awesome! Thanks for the totally awesome tour! I know how crappy moving can be, and it must have been just the sweetest touch to feel like you have some cool people around you in your new neighborhood.

And high five for posting the no makeup pics. Surprise surprise; we still love ya and think you're totally hot...

Right guys?? ...

Ted from Accounting said...

OMG! Miss Rosen, all I have to say is you look freakin beautiful in that car pic! Makeup or no makeup...allergies or no allergies...you are amazing!

I'm recovering from a loooooong weekend at Nascar in Fontana! Really fun! Glad you are settling into the new place! I got some posts to catch up on!

Toddrod said...

Wholly Moly! This is the mother of all blog posts! I agree with Todd. You are still a hot tater tot without makeup! In fact, I was thinking at first, "Wow, Alison looks fantastic! What did she do different?" Then I read you didn't wear make up, and I thought, "How lazy! She still looks great though."

I just wanted to say that your comment about the exploding cat. That actually made me guffaw! It was brilliant, and I am going to steal that in my every day usage (assuming I can sneeze everyday).


Joe said...

If I had to vote, I'd say this is your best post ever, Alison. And that's saying something because you've posted a lot of great ones.

The people of Brooklyn are so lucky to have you there. If I lived in the neighborhood, I'd give you a big welcoming hug too, so consider yourself hugged long distance!

I agree with Todd and Ted. You looked beautiful even while moving, allergy attack and all.

And how many landlords give gifts to their new tenents? Wow.

You've got a lot of great stuff for your new place. Love the pics of the inside of your dishwasher and fridge. It's like... so intimate. My water pitcher is exactly like yours except mine is blueish (so I guess it's not EXACTLY like yours.)

I love the bathroom storage unit too. It looks looks like it was made to go there. I could never figure out why desks are called secretaries. Organizers are sometimes called secretaries too. (In one Seinfeld episode, George had a wallet that he called "an organizer, a secretary, and a friend.")

Great post, Miss R!!

Brett Jones said...

Sounds like a great neighborhood AMR. It's nice to be welcomed to a new place.

There are a lot of older people in the area we live and as I mentioned in a recent reply my wife is and MD. When our first child was born all these little old ladies she cares for started making wool hats and booties. There were a couple of dresses made also. It was really nice and like you, it brought a little tear to her eye.

I think your best score with the furniture was the piece to the right of your bed in the photo. I'm a big fan of that round 1940's look. My grandparents had a bunch of stuff like that, so I assume it's something ingrained from childhood.

Thanks for the pics. Personally I'm Jonesing for a vlog. Puffy and sans make-up is fine, just include a passage about lingerie tape.

Toddrod said...

Joe has a point. This could be one of your best blog posts ever. I'm not sure why, but when I first saw the emotion of you meeting people in your neighborhood, it really touched me. I almost started to cry. I felt like you were in good hands, and your plants also look happy. I love these epic posts. You should just write yer freakin' book already.


Ted from Accounting said...

Ok, as a RosenBlog expert, I will agree this was your best post yet! It appears the overall fan consensus is that it's great to see you look so natural! Not so dressed up! Your fans support you either way Ro Ro!

Is it just me or do you look like you're 21 in those pics! I swear you lie about your age to appear more "adult!?!?!?" :)

Rbastid said...

Ooo a nice big post for me to return to on late tuesday.

Your place looks like its a nice size atleast, I know my sister moved out to brooklyn and has like a cubie hole with 5 other living with her.

I just hope you can get use to the shame of having to take a train into the city everyday, but who knows you might get to be train mates with Kevin Allison, I've caught him alot on the L alot.

Also I must thank you for this gem, "Someone labored over these balls." I'll either get that on my tombstone or tattooed over my stomach like a "Thug Life" tattoo.

Richie said...

People are reacting to you as you deserve. You are bright, beautiful (even without make up) and have great taste! Love the furnature picks. All the hugging is curious. Was your bra undone or your watch gone when you released from the embrace? Be sure to check next time.

perfect just like mommy said...

Congrats on the move. And I know everyone is gushing about how gorgeous you look with no makeup, and it may seem like throwaway compliments, and I for one sure as hell do throw away compliments like that a lot, but I have to say, you really do look very pretty with no makeup, and for once in my life, I really mean it.


Bill Clevlen said...

This was fun to read.... I love the photo of you with the plant in the car. I think that's the best photo of you I've seen. :)

Talk to you soon.