Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have to submit a bio for this page about NY's Funniest Reporter. Should I turn in a standard or ridiculous one? Incidentally, I think those should be condom and/or light bulb sizes.


Toddrod said...

I vote standard bio.... if you submit a funny bio, you will set too high an expectation that you will be super funny. Set the bar low, and blow them out of the water with your witty self.


P.S. I don't know if this will help or hinder you, but I picture you as an anecdotal type comic. I can imagine you telling stories about your parents, Tobey, and your life experiences in a funny way. Kinda like Ray Romano.

Joe said...

Here's the bio...

Alison Rosen: Gorgeous, Funny, Smart.

What else do people need to know? I suppose you could add a little more about your background. I'd make it mostly serious but add something ridiculous, like "won gold medal for short track speed skating at the 1994 Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer, Norway. Or maybe not..."

Hey, when you see Ellis Henican at the event, can you poke him in the eye for me? Not really hard or anything - just enough to get his attention. I like Ellis, but sometimes he just says stupid things. And for that he deserves an eye poke.

Rbastid said...

Really they put Ellis on this list? Besides what was written for him on Sealab he is a little too much of a tight ass some times.

You should be you Alison. Write out your bio in train of thought, let it be comical so they get a bit of the real you.

Weird said...

Is this stand-up going to be video taped and posted up online?

Ted from Accounting said...

Wait a minute! You're a reporter? Go with the ridiculous one!

Anonymous said...

Quote of the post hungry:

"I don't think I can last it any longer, my body needs new blogging immediatly...."

----(Too Fatigue To Type out My Name Which Isn't Too Long Yet I Don't Know Why I'm Typing This Long Statement With Low Energy When I Could Use The Left Over Power To Type It Out. By the way, the Aforementioned statement above is my real name......"

Joe said...

I see you submitted your bio to the Funniest Reporter site. Nicely done! I agree with "slightly devilish" - you do have a little of the devil in you. I mean that in a good way of course.

Pretty cloudy and rainy here today. I think it's the edge of Hurricane Kyle, which has been moving up the coast. Yesterday Maine issued their first hurricane watch in 17 years.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend, Miss R!

Brett Jones said...

The weather is wet and dreary here in Maine, Joe. Coastal Hancock county (where I reside) is due to get hit this evening. We've already had a bunch of rain last night and today.

It should be a busy and wet night. I'm a Fire Fighter and I suspect this evening will be full of dealing with flooded basements, trees over the roads and downed power lines. Monday should be full of streams flooding and running over the roads.

Where are you Joe, Vermont or New Hampshire?

Brett Jones said...

The storm was a complete dud.