Monday, August 04, 2008

Today I was that a-hole with the camera

I wandered around Astoria today trying to see if would want to live there. Here are some photos from my journey.

In this first one I thought, "A pet store!!"

But then as I got closer I realized it's totally not a pet store

And then here's a cute street

And another

Here's where you eat before you die:

Another cute street!

Some adorable whatever-they-ares:

And then back in Manhattan I discovered that Duane Reade is readying itself for bikini season


Toddrod said...

It's August. Wasn't bikini season a few weeks ago?


Rbastid said...

That would have been very sad if you entered all ready to play with baby animals and you were given them on a plate.

I guess thats how I felt when for the first time I went to eat in one of those places in Chinatown with the ducks in the window and I thought they were just tanning.

Hugh said...

Today I was a-hole of golf (pants)

Brett Jones said...

What's the downtime post wax? Are we talking hours, a day, longer?

Ted from Accounting said...

If you are going to be the a-hole with the camera...could you at least ask one of those nice NY people to take photos of you in front of these landmarks?

It is just so tough to visualize if the neighborhood is right without you in the with me here AMR!

Anonymous said...

"'s totally not a pet store."

that is too funny! i LOL'd. for realsies.


Brett Jones said...

I'm with Ted. A photo's just not a photo without AMR in it.

How about a Vlog soon?