Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tobey rolling over

I like how he kinda gets stuck in the middle.


Rbastid said...

Hahah aww yeah they try and trick ya to get what they want. My dog will roll over halfway then just go back the way he came and then look at me like "Ok I did it" either that or he'll sorta run in a circle and think its rolling over.

Also though its late, another nice little Maxim Mini-Interview. First I've seen with the use of "candy flavored post nasal drip"

Rbastid funfact: The in the Sopranos episode that girl was in my sister's head was used as a transition from the club to AJ and the girl in the hotel room doing said Candy Coke.

Joe said...

I'm not so sure he's getting stuck as much as he's pausing to make sure everyone is watching. He even gestures like he's saying "Hey, look at me, over here - aren't I the most adorable thing you ever saw??" He knows he is.

Or maybe he's thinking, "Do you have my treat ready? I'm 50% done - I want that treat when I finish!"

Toddrod said...

That's gnarly!!


Brett Jones said...

Maybe he's just an exhibitionist Joe.