Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To do

I just had the following thought: "Ugh, there's so much I have to do... Wait, actually, I'm doing it." I'm at a photoshoot for a story due Friday which I need to get done before I can really begin packing and dealing with moving stuff. Thus far the anticipation of everything has been worse then the actual everything, today is going well, but I'm afraid to commit that to blog lest I jinx it.
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Brett Jones said...

Photos of you Alison or the subject of the article?

Do you send out 8x10 glossy head shots signed to your adoring fans? I think you're pretty face would look great next to the Snap-On bikini clad calender on the wall of my shop.

Maybe I should attempt to collect signed head shots of the Red Eye cast and all the regulars.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the to Do list:

"After I take Georgia, I will take over the other Georiga that makes CNN and Coca Cola then finally my conquest will extend to this Blog....."

_vladimir "Political President that looks like Dobby from Harry Potter and loves playing tetris" Putin

Ted from Accounting said...

I'm like the biggest worry wart of them all....a total pre-planner for everything! I feel your pain on the anticipation for the move! Maybe you could get Chico from upstairs to help!?!?!?

If you weren't 3,000 miles away, I'd be a volunteer mover! You wouldn't mind if I kept a few souvenirs though...I could make some money on Ebay! :)