Monday, August 25, 2008

Sometimes my finger hits the wrong key

And I end up saying to someone "We should totally do that and blob about it!"

I should get back to packing though. More packing, less blobbing.


Toddrod said...

Ha! You really must hate packing, because you are blobbing on your blob instead of getting all that packing done. You know, you could vlob a little so we can actually watch you pack a vox. However, vlobbing is so personal, I understand if you don't want to vlob at this time.


Rbastid said...

just remember when packing to be safe pack your eggs on the bottem, if you put all your books and stuff ontop it'll keep them safe if you drop them.

Ted from Accounting said...

I can totally remember back when it was just you, me and Michael! We were like the Threes Company of Blogging!

I recall that I erroneously switched a letter on a word and it really made the sentence (meant for Michael) sound strange! It was freakin hilarious but I can't remember what I wrote now...I'm sure it wasn't blob! I would have caught that...geez!

Joe said...

Blobbing always makes packing a little easier.

I had to call AT&T today and the woman I talked to sounded just like Carol Channing. Seriously. Could hardly stop myself from laughing.

This'll give you an idea:

Toddrod said...

Ted! I remember when it seemed like it was only you, Michael in LA, and Alison. I was always jealous that you three seemed so close. I was such an outsider. I guess I am still an outsider, but I am forcing myself into this conversation because I wanna be with the cool peeps so badly. I really do!