Sunday, August 24, 2008



Toddrod said...

So, just four boxes?


Brett Jones said...

When can you start moving stuff to the new place?

Whenever I moved I tried to do a major culling of my stuff. It was always therapeutic to just pick up the stuff I really wanted/needed and plant it all in a new place.

When Patty and I moved from Seattle to Maine her employer paid for the move so we packed up everything. I boxed up nails, plumbing fittings, you name it we took it. To this day there are boxes in the basement with the little green stickers the movers used to mark boxes.

Joe said...

Alison, you're a marvel of organization and management. And it only took an hour and 3 minutes! (yeah, right.) I hope the rest of the move goes smoothly.

I was just thinking that it's been a long time since I last moved and I STILL have some boxes I haven't unpacked. Mostly stuff from growing up, school, pictures, momentos, albums and things like that. I wondering if I haven't looked at that stuff for so many years, when will I? Maybe some day in the nursing home when I've got some kill to kill waiting for my catheter bag to fill up?

Waiting to watch the Olympic closing ceremonies. There's a Montreal station up here that broadcast the ceremonies live this morning. I only watched a few minutes, but it looked pretty good. Lots of fireworks and entertainment. I'm sad it's all ending, but I also think 2 weeks is probably enough. Any more would be overload.

Joe said...

Other random Sunday thoughts...

I hope your internet is hooked up at your new place right away, Alison, so your blog will continue uninterrupted. We NEED our daily Alison fix!

Will last Friday night's Red Eye ever be broadcast? I may start an Activity Pit discussion about 'Red Eye: The Lost Episodes.' There have been at least 2 now.

I watched Star Trek: Nemesis last night on AMC, which I thought was pretty good. I went to check something on IMDB this morning and read some of the comments people posted. A lot of people didn't like it and many said something like "The movie was unrealistic because in the last movie such-and-such a character left the Enterprise. Now in this movie he's back, and that ruined it for me."

For crying out loud - the WHOLE MOVIE is unrealistic. War drive, phasers, transporters, star ships, photon torpedos, alien species, a human clone... People can accept all those things, but because one character was supposed to be on a different ship, it ruined it for them. Please!

Ted from Accounting said...

Normally I would look at this photo as just 4 boxes! However, when looking at it with the a RosenFan Prism, I realize these are Alison Rosen boxes and can totally see the beauty in this photo! Ahhhhhhhh