Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Something I learned about apartments/real estate

The term pied-a-terre has nothing to do with gardens, apples, potatoes or feet! (It has to do with rich people!)


Anonymous said...

rich people, not your crowd ally, If not I know what you mean, I always go home for vacation to Sun Valley Idaho, Kinda a trip though, great snowboarding. WOOAA!

Anonymous said...

Quote of the rich dudes:

"This is me singing "A WHOLE NEW WORLD" from the movie entitled Alladin...."


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Philip said...

Yeah, everyone knows that. Didn't you see that Dateline NBC series, "To Catch a Pied-à-terre?"

Toddrod said...

You know what really is interesting? When I make a comment here for Alison, I have to verify a computer generated "word" that will let me make a post. The verification word for this post is "itogy." Now, I will try to use it in a sentence:

Alison sent a little itogy for her blog from her Blackberry because she was at the gym working out again.


Ted from Accounting said...

Wait, you're rich right? Um, I was totally hoping you'd take care of me into retirement!

I don't need a "pied-a-terre" but at least a small house with a game room would be nice! Thanks Ali!

Joe said...

Who thought apartment hunting could be educational?

Todd - my verification word is zypxgfo, which I believe is the Hatian word for "devil worshipper." How'd they know it was me?

Ted, Alison is going to take care of all of us some day. In the not-too-distant future, she'll be opening "Alison's RosenFan Retirement Home" and we'll all be walking around there with metal walkers and writing unfunny intros (If humor were a wheelchair, I'd sit on her and go for a spin.

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Ted from Accounting said...

LOL, too funny Joe!

Yes, she has been able to keep those plants in her apartment alive so our longevity in the RosenFan Retirement Home is quite promising! Do you think there will be sponge baths?

I haven't tried a word play in a while...

If sexiness were a set of dentures, I'd swap with the Retirement Home Director any day!

Peace out you nut buckets!

Brett Jones said...

Yeah, I need to stay away from the intros. Mine would all pretty much end with a really creepy vibe.

If beauty were a crystal clear lake, want to peek through the window while Alison showered.

The others are all worse, I'll spare myself the shame.

Toddrod said...

You guys crack me up! I always feel too intimidated to try intros because yours are always so cool and full of double entendre! However, I will try one.

If love were a self storage unit, I'd shove everything into you, and then leave you for a few months till I need my suit for a job interview.

See, I just don't have a clue.


Brett Jones said...

Just once I want Greg to go straight with an intro. Crude, but straight.

"And this is Mike Baker. I want to sodomize him."

Personally I think it would kill.