Thursday, July 24, 2008

I think like a meteorologist

At least, that's the conclusion I drew after Rick Reichmuth and I almost made each other's points repeatedly on Red Eye tonight. You may not be able to tell because we each switched gears upon hearing the other one make the point we were about to make, but that's what was going on behind the scenes. It was uncanny. Also, there was a lot of rain.


Rbastid said...

Hell with lots of rain, did you guys predict the Tornado that I think hit Newark? Now that'd be somethin to see on the show tonight.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the Good PRediction:

"Fox News makes you a good meteorologist, that's why I like working there....."

Domenica Davis (WEEKEND WEATHER)

Brett Jones said...

The weather sucked here last night and I haven't checked the Tivo yet, but if I miss AMR due to my satellite being obscured by the rain, I'll be heading out this afternoon to go on a murderous rampage.

Joe said...

Excellent show last night Miss R! I don't really "get" the Neil Hamburger humor, but that's just me. The rest of the show was great.

The whole segment about Matthew McCconaughey going tribal during delivery was funny... and strange. "We were jamming!" I'm sure.

Your story about the kid putting a bean up his nose reminds me of a comedian who did a skit years ago about a mother telling her kids not to put little toys up their nose. The kids would never have thought of doing it, but that was the first thing they did after their mom left the room. As soon as you tell kids not to do something, they're almost honor-bound to do it.

Actually I was never like that, but my older brother John was. He was into everything and was always having accidents. He was once playing football in a neighbor's yard when he fell and a piece of glass split his upper lip wide open from the nose down. Then one time he was playing "chicken" on bicycles with a friend and they ran straight into each other and got banged up.

His worst accident was when he was in high school. He was driving with a friend in the car, and he went around a curve too wide and ran right into a pickup truck. They were both in the hospital for several days. We went to look at the car and we could see John's teeth marks in the steering wheel.

Hard to believe he's my brother. The worst injury I've ever had was spraining my ankle once.

Ted from Accounting said...

Once again, I'm the voice of dissent! Alison, you were the ONLY good thing about last night's show! Also, a brief pic of Diana Falzone was a highlight! :)

From the shirtless freak to the Neil freak....I was like whatever!

Your hair looked great and once again you classed the show up! I kind of realize why they don't use the "hottie" word plays with is because you are beautiful...not just a hottie...there is a difference.

Good job AMR!

Why am I up before 10:00 AM!?!?!?!?

Joe said...

Really Ted? I thought Julie Banderas and Rick Reichmuth were both good. Greg, Bill and Andy were all in fine form too (Alison was still the best of all though).

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the shirtless guy, but he's OK. I'm waiting for someone to start a group for him on the Activity Pit. Not gonna be me! I love Greg's impersonation of McConaughey.

I do agree that Alison looked awesome. And if I may be so bold, I think you ARE a meteorologist, Alison, because every time you're on the show I feel a warm front :o)

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Ted from Accounting said...

LOL, I liked your warm front comment!

Yeah, I just get grumpy if I don't get 10 hours of sleep a day...don't mind me!

Every time the shirtless guy was on screen, Alison was far off in the background again! I'm sure it is an illusion but it just looks like a great distance from each other. The shirtless guy would only be funny if I was 16 again...sitting around with friends playing "quarters" and getting drunk! I think I'll start the fan club for him....why not, I started Angela's and I can't stand her! LOL